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Gya – Crazy-Generous Boobs

Crazy-Generous Bouncy bosoms

Crazy-Generous Boobs

Slapping her bikini-wrapped 34J jugs together, Gya Roberts says, “I’ll put your ramrod right here. I’ll tanalise your penis so badly.” Her prefered outfits to wear? “A small bikini. Hot heels. And I like to display off. Yep baby. I’m such a wanton goddess.”

Gya draws attention love avid wherever she goes. It doesn’t matter if it is an airport or just shopping at a supermarket. That babe is a magnetic cutie.

“I like to be looked at. I love it when dudes stare at me, so I am always in miniature tops that are very low-cut in the front and display off my love bubbles. I love to wear mini-skirts and miniature dresses that reveal my waist and my titties. I am the one that begins teasing just by my appearance. I wait u to come around and take the next steps. So give me precious blow job, engulf on my melons a lot, spank me and pull my hair. Tanalize my clit. Give it to me.”

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Nila Mason – Sex Night

Sex Night

Sex Night

Nila Mason (pronounced Nee-la) is one of the newest XL Cuties rockin’ the abode with her fetching face and chubby body, bigger than run of the mill pointer sisters and chunky ass-cheeks.

“Hottie of curvalicious proportions…my favourite,” writes XL connoisseur Seth. “Fantastic recent arrival…simply marvelous!”

This scene, Nila’s second, is a lesson for all XL Girls in general. When they get dolled up to leave the abode for a night out, they should suit 1st and not let the skirt chaser acquire suited up in advance of ’em. ‘cuz what happens is the lad falls asleep in his hot outfit waiting for her and when that babe waltzes in the bedroom to wake him up and brandish him what she’s wearing, this charmer receives sexually excited and craves sex right then and there. So they not at all leave the place. This happens all the time to XL Angels models and we know they’ll acquiesce.

When Tom sees Nila in a constricted, form-fitting dress, it is all over for going out and he’s all over her, rubbing her lips with his hard-on, squeezing it between her unfathomable breast valley to drill her pantoons and plowing her doggy style like a crazy gent.

Nila Mason: a gal you wanna show your like to.

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Delia Dukes – My, my, my Deliah!

My, my, my Deliah!

My, my, my Deliah!

“I’ve always been a conservative, behind-the-doors person,” told Deliah Dukes, who makes her first appearance by mouthing and fucking porn weenie behind our studio doors. Hey, that counts, doesn’t it?

Deliah (it’s pronounced Delilah; the second “L” is mysteriously missing) isn’t a swinger. That babe isn’t a nudist. She’s by no means been a exotic dancer. By no means even thought about it. She’s Fourty one years aged, and until recently, doing porn was the furthest thing from her mind. She did not even view porn. She worked her day job in telecommunications. This babe was a wife and Mother of 2. The most-fun job she’d ever had was “being a Mom.”

And now she is here. How did that babe end up here? Investigate her interview on Wednesday, but let us just say that here’s another example of magical things happening to a woman when this babe turns Fourty.

Deliah was born in New Jersey, moved to Florida, lived there for a lengthy time and is now back in Jersey. She’s not a Jersey Shore sort of Jersey angel. She’s more like a Bruce Springsteen Jersey hotty. She enjoys romantic dinners. This babe doesn’t suit to brandish off her body.

But doing this has already changed her.

“I used to wait, but now I start sex,” Deliah told. “Thank you, porn life!”

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Angela White – This babe was only Nineteen

This babe was solely 19

She was merely 19

“These bumpers were made for jacking!” read the headline next to Angela’s photo on the cover of the December 2004 issue of Voluptuous. Angela was only 19 years old when that issue hit the newsstands, likewise juvenile to buy a beer in the United States, aged sufficient to reveal her fuck holes for all the world to watch.

“Trust me, if I like you, you will not receive to buy me any beer to acquire into my trousers,” Angela revealed. “I’ll be all over u. I may be only 19, but you’ve not at any time seen a hornier teenager than me! I’d give u so much tit play. I’d suck you off so worthy, and I would let you fuck my booty so hard, you’d be dying! Trust me, you’d be begging me to cool my jets.”

Trust us, Angela. We sincerely doubt that.

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Sally D’Angelo – Paint Sally’s tongue

Paint Sally’s tongue

Paint Sally's tongue

Sally D’Angelo is glamour modeling for her ladies man, who’s an artist. A real artist, although who can tell? Sally is undressed modeling exposed, and he finally decides to put down his brush to play with her 61-year-old vagina.

“That feels so wonderful,” Sally says, moaning uncontrollably. This is a female who cums a lot. She likewise sucks lots of dong, including Jax’s large dark one, and gags herself on it. No dry blow jobs from Sally. This babe receives it good and luscious, not ‘coz it needs to be luscious for her bawdy cleft. Her cookie is always well-lubed. Sally gives sloppy BJs ‘coz that babe enjoys giving ’em.

In any case, Jax fucks her unyielding, and Sally’s bosoms wobble, and she acquires her long, shapely legs all the way back so we have a precious see of the enjoyment. Lastly, at Sally’s urging, Jax cums in her mouth. The cum trickle down her tongue and onto her large bra-busters. Sally sticks out her tongue so we can watch the cum. Then she eats it.

Sally D’Angelo. Mommy. Granny. Wife. Recruiter of glamour models. This babe does it all. We’re guessing that the only thing this babe is bad at is being a neighbor cuz her shag noises probably keep everybody on the block up all night. But we’re guessing there’re fringe benefits to being Sally’s neighbour, too.

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Juliana Simms – Rub Rub Rub

Rub Rub Rub

Rub Rub Rub

Voluptuous and enjoyable Juliana Simms picks a massage table to play on, squirting her statuesque body with white ball cream and giving herself a rub-down. This babe sways and jiggles her naturals when she’s on the table. A half-hour of just that action would not be sufficient. It’s never sufficient with somebody love Juliana Simms.

SCORELAND: Juliana, do you adore to dance? We think u do.

Juliana: Yep, very much. I like to go out with my girlfriends to our favourite lap dancing clubs and dance. I love R&B music.

SCORELAND: Do you dance when u are playing music at home?

Juliana: Yeah. I always dance when playing music.

SCORELAND: Are u called by any nick-names by allies?

Juliana: They call me “Juliana Mounds.”

SCORELAND: Do you go to undressed beaches or adult resorts?

Juliana: In Spain solely.

SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you wear?

Juliana: I most like bikinis.

SCORELAND: Your rub-down table movie scene rubs a guy the right way.

Juliana: My joy.

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Cammille Austin – Cammille chained

Cammille chained

Cammille chained

Cammille Austin is a 58-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother, so what’s this babe doing at with small chains attached to her pierced teats and pierced love tunnel?

Hey, what’s she doing at getting banged by big darksome knobs and ass-fucked by dudes youthful sufficient to be her sons?

Well, she’s relishing herself, for one. And although this is a solo scene, it’s glamorous damn hot. Cammille tugs on the chains and her nipps acquire rock hard. This babe tugs on the chains and her clit receives larger. That babe fingers her pink cunt truly unfathomable, getting numerous fingers inside.

No surprise. This is a female who had group action on her wedding night. Her second wedding night, that’s. And after that babe was done getting tag-teamed, this babe let her spouse have very sloppy seconds.

There is a very good chance that as you are watching this, Cammille is back home in Arkansas watching it with her hubby and sucking his weenie.

Unless, certainly, she’s having one more gang group action.

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Selexia Rae – Selexia’s Lingerie Voyeur Fuck Fling

Selexia’s Underware Voyeur Shag Fling

Selexia's Underware Voyeur Fuck Fling

Selexia Rae ordered hawt lingerie but the delivery at not time showed. That babe is in the centre of speaking to customer service when her neighbour JMac exposes up with her package. It was mistakenly delivered to his address by the inexperienced courier service. JMac notes the return envelope and sees where it came from. Selexia thank’s him and closes the door, leaving him standing out side.

But that will not stop him. That smooth operator is also lascivious. He’s viewed Selexia in a skin-tight costume and wants to see her change into her new purchase so that gent sneaks around to a window and watches her change. Selexia starts masturbating when she sees him, and walks over to the window. In a way-out, peepshow style scene, Selexia crams her nipples against the glass, which JMac licks. Selexia sees JMac’s poker sticking without his fly and invites him in to fuck her, a task this chab is concerned to perform. She strokes his shaft as this chab kisses her wobblers and neck. She receives into a kneeling stance and starts blowing him with her pierced tongue, engulfing the balls and touching with tongue every inch, her head guided by his firm hand.

This chab tells her to fib on the daybed. He straddles her chest, schlong betwixt her bra-busters so this babe can suck it more and wrap her large mangos around the shaft. Her snatch needs attention too. That smooth operator pumps her in missionary whilst she quickly rubs her clit with her fingers. They save the hottest, fastest thrusting for a exotic dance bonk, Selexia sat on his lap. Reaching the point of no return, JMac acquires up, positions Selexia on the floor in a kneeling pose and furiously beats off in her face. Her face and her flickering tongue is splattered as this chab busts his nut all over her lovely face. All this just for being a fine neighbor. It pays to care about your community.

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Laddie Lynn – If The Bra Fits

If The Undergarment Fits

If The Brassiere Fits

Laddie Lynn is a beginner. Somebody on her livecam told her that she’d be a precious fit for XL Angels, and they were totally right. Photogenic Laddie (pronounced “Lady”) has double-K tits and pointy nipples and that babe enjoys showing ’em off. That babe indeed plugged her soaking-wet slit valuable. The camera was right on top of her and picked up each squish-squish sound.

XL Girls: How often do u wear bras?

Laddie: I generally wear a bra but I sometimes wear a baggy sweater so I don’t need to. I not at any time wear a undergarment around the abode.

XL Girls: You have double-K’s. Where do u buy your bras?

Laddie: I must receive my bras custom-fitted, then take them to a seamstress for last touch-ups.

XL Girls: Are you a sports fan?

Laddie Lynn: This year I was a total fan beauty for Michigan State men’s basketball and the Carolina Panthers.

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Marina Rene – Two cocks dock in Marina’s ports

2 weenies dock in Marina’s ports

Two ramrods dock in Marina's ports

Marina Rene and her guys acquire right to it in this movie. The lads can not keep their hands off her bigger in size than typical milk shakes and that babe cant keep her hands off their ramrods. In advance of lengthy, that babe is sucking pecker and playing with her pierced nipples whilst sat on the other dude’s face. This gent manages to pull apart her multi-piercings to eat her cookie. Yep, there’s a lot going on with Marina: blond hair, big love bubbles, pierced nipps, pierced slit, pink love tunnel.

Oh, and she deep-throats, also. And takes it up the a-hole. In this scene, Marina reveals how accommodating she’s by taking meat-thermometer in her wazoo and fur pie at the same time. Then the dudes squirt their loads into her open throat.

Imagine: She’s 49 years old and is a Mom. How many mammas do you know who do stuff adore this? Few, we’re guessing. That is why u come to to watch mommys like Marina.

She’s from Germany. She’ll do everything once, twice or 3 times. We’ve the feeling she’s just beginning to push her restrictions…if this babe has any.

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Tiggle Bitties – Bad To The Boner

Bad To The Hardon

Bad To The Boner

Looking ready and able to whup butt, Tiggle Bitties is bad to the bone in her butt-kickin’, bitchin’ boots and darksome leather harness. It’s a different kind of Tiggle this time and that babe has some recent gear to play with furthermore that paddle. The bendable toy has 2 ends. One end goes into her fur pie and the other into her ass and gives her one hell of a thrill…

We caught up with Tiggle for a hardly any questions and this babe did not hit us with that paddle for asking. We’d rather receive whacked by her mounds, ya know, and so would any SCORELAND buck.

SCORELAND: What did you think of your 1st Voluptuous mag and cover (May 2016)?

Tiggle: My Voluptuous cover was so thrilling for me! I like how long and lean I look.

SCORELAND: Do you’ve any favorite big-bust glamour models who have inspired you?

Tiggle: I’ve a massive crush on Lila Payne. Every single thing I have viewed from her is imbued with grace and poise. That babe is an unbelievably hawt female.

SCORELAND: Do u communicate with any busty models?

Tiggle: I do! There are some great livecam glamour models that I talk to regularly. One close to my heart is Ann Sulu, who kind of took me beneath her wing last year. I also talk with Lila Payne, Sarah Rae, Allie Pearson and a hardly any others.

SCORELAND: Do you adore to wear fantasy costumes? What kind?

Tiggle: I like dream and role-play! I’ve plenty of costumes and enjoyment wigs. I love dressing up as a seductive witch, a lap dancer, a dominatrix…It’s so much pleasure!

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