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Fapping In The XL Warehouse

Fapping In The XL Warehouse

Fapping In The XL Warehouse

We put Jammin‘ Jennie to work in the warehouse at TSG. We heard this babe was handy with tools. XLGirls and the eBoobStore needed some assist. Why hire a boy when u can receive sexy hotties? Right? However we heard not right. What we were actually said, and rogered up in translation, is that Jennie is handy with a guy’s hard tool, not with tools. There’s additional confirmation of this at Since Miss Jenny had shown up for work bright and early, we put her to work for the day in any case and this babe did a beautiful precious job. A gorgeous good job of exotic dancing, squeezing and rubbing her melons, and opening her legs so she could widen her twat and fill it with a larger than average rubber tool… right there on our machine tables. This is why they call her ‘Jammin‘. So it was not a wasted day. Fortunately, we didn’t have any truckers showing up to interrupt the flow of Jennie’s productive work. So now u know what goes on sometimes in other sections of the SCORE building. Just routine. Don’t all companies have this kind of temp worker?

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Luxury Amore played a businessman’s afternoon sweetheart in a SCORELAND movie scene and was served a creampie at SCOREVideos. She’s a feisty little 5’3″ number with G-sized love bubbles and striking cheekbones that give her a cherubic, pixie-ish appearance. “I’m living out my dream,” says Luxury who can engulf every drop of cum without your nuts with a vacuum cleaner-like oral-sex. “Every time I do a scene, my fantasy is to be a well-known pornstar.” That babe is well on her way to that goal. Luxury keeps well rounded, and shapely, in her chill time. “I love to view track and field contests and basketball. I’m a Lakers fan. Go Kobe. I used to run track in high school. I read a lot too. My hobby is collecting sexual books. I adore to go bowling and go to the shooting range. I’m not the sit at home type.” Luxury receives off watching porn, especially girl-girl porn. She’ll sex-toy her pussy watching something that turns her on. More and more hotty’s are watching porn those days and Luxury thinks that’s a valuable thing. “It’s not just for men anymore,” Luxury wisely says.

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Heather Barron talks and sucks, but mostly sucks

Heather Barron talks and sucks, but mostly sucks

Heather Barron talks and sucks, but mostly sucks

This interview is not adore majority of the ones we do here at, but then afresh, Heather Barron is not like most women. That babe might be the horniest 43-year-old we have ever met, and that babe spends more than half of this interview sucking shlong (two knobs, actually) and banging. Heather can talk and suck or shag at the same time. The mistresse has skills.

When the interview spreads, redhead Heather is wearing a blue suit that is hot but not revealing. It is just revealing enough. But she’s concerned to display off her big, naturals mammaries and whips them out at the slightest prompting.

“And they’re super bouncy,” Heather says. Heather is saucy. That babe laughs when asked if she enjoys playing with her love muffins. That babe seems to adore looking at her mammaries, likewise.

Formerly an investment banker in Recent York Town, then a dancer in Las Vegas, now a realtor in Vegas, Heather says, “I love to copulate. If I had a nine-to-five job, I could not bonk as often.”

This interview is full of useless information about Heather, love how she flashes boyz whilst driving on the highway, how she acquires with out tickets, how she is a Mom of four and, perhaps almost any importantly, about her flickering tongue.

You know what? Just view. Relish. Heather is here for your enjoyment. Hers, also.

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He’s Behind Brittany O’Neil All The Way

He is Behind Brittany O’Neil All The Way

He's Behind Brittany O'Neil All The Way

I wanted to give a big thank u to SCORE for getting this big-boobed Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK back in one as well as the other print and clip! It was great to see SCORE receive Brittany O’Neil to do her first B/B/G and interracial scenes. Let’s hope SCORE doesn’t drop the ball and take years to receive her back! Hopefully she’ll be back his year. We could hope that SCORE receives her to do her 1st anal scene in about 15 years, or maybe her 1st B/B/G BBC clip with Lucas and Shane! We too have to wonder why Brittany hasn’t appeared on SCORE‘s other sites, and BigBoobsPOV? What a great addition that babe would make to those sites! Hope SCORE brings her back soon and keeps up the great work! Thank’s, Bob

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Furry Between The Thighs

Furry Betwixt The Hips

Furry Betwixt The Thighs

Can u handle Brianna Falcone and these 44 triple D’s? You’ll need all your strength for this green-eyed Amazon but the effort will be worth it. Brianna is different from many hawt XLGirls glamour models this day coz this babe keeps a thick bush. It seems that each girl those days across the board shaves her snatch or trims her bush to a dunky tuft or design. Pix 43-54 zero in on Brianna‘s incredible bawdy cleft and butt-hole hirsuteness with fine close-up shots. Just now following that are extreme close-ups of her pointy teats. “Let’s have more,” commented member Nigel. This femdom-goddess exudes sex appeal. “I do not know why it’s so unbending to identify glamour models with pubic hair, but I like it when u do. It is easy to watch why her 1st carnal boyfriend dropped to his knees and buried his tongue in this female. I truly love everything about Brianna, her rubenesque figure, her M.I.L.F. appeal, and her erotic enthusiasm.” Brianna herself zeroes in on a guy’s bulge. “I always look at a guy’s package,” this babe explains. “I guess it is a fetish of mine.”

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On Fucking The Plumber, Tight Holes & Standing Blow Jobs

On Banging The Plumber, Tight Holes & Standing Blow Jobs

On Screwing The Plumber, Tight Holes & Standing Blow Jobs

We investigate a lot about 50-year-old Cassidy in this interview. We watch that this babe was an athlete in high-school. We observe that that babe has been on the cover of fitness magazines and wrote a book on fitness. We look at that this babe has been married three times, is open to the idea of a 4th time, and has children. We investigate that this babe once had sex with an actual plumber (as opposed to the fictional plumber who drilled her wazoo in the DVD “Fuck My Mature A-hole #3”). We investigate that she was once married to a renowned rock star. We identified out about her love tunnel and darksome hole.

“It’s a dunky little fur pie,” Cassidy says. “It’s pink inside. It’s medium rare. And I’ve a dunky backdoor. And I have a really large clit, likewise.”

And all of that’s very interesting, but the almost any eye-opening moment of this interview occurs when 4’11” Cassidy stands next to her guy for the day, 6’7″ Asante.

“I can nearly give him a standing oral,” Cassidy says as Asante towers over her.

Nearly? Well, almost to the standing part, not nearly to the blow job part. When that babe acquires on her knees, Cassidy has to crane her neck a bit to acquire his penis in her face hole (although that babe manages). Then this babe demonstrates the perfect position for her to suck his rod. No, she’s not standing, but close.

It is the kind of thing you just do not watch every day.

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Licky Licky Sticky Sticky

Licky Licky Sticky Sticky

Licky Licky Sticky Sticky

U know her, you luv her. Eva Notty, reigning SCORE Glamour model of the year, as voted by readers and website members, is a hawt brunette who entered these Hallowed Halls of Meatballs in basically the traditional way, which is to say the ladder approach, rung by rung. Depending on your point of look at, this can be a nice thing for a recent glamour model to do, especially if this babe plans on glamour modeling for a few years. Eva‘s first four appearances on SCORELAND were, in order, 2 solos, followed by getting massaged by man-hands and then doing a Love muffins & Tugs scene which is what many girls who do not urge to do full-sex on screen will do, such as Janet Jade and Valory Irene. Eva waited a bit in advance of deciding to try a full-on boy-girl XXX session. As renowned when she did the deed, “This honey loves to screw and she’s got enthusiasm, sensuality and passion! That babe is not a sex machine, she’s a sex headmistress!” Trust your SCORE staffers for recognizing inward heat when they watch it. A hot hairstylist scene in the parody movie scene Boob Science was her next hardscore experience. A year and a half later, Eva returned to try more hardscore including a three-some with her breast friend Sarah Satori and one of the lads, and a P.O.V. scene playing here at SCOREVideos. Now Eva‘s back and being a very Notty cutie again, as if that should be a surprise to any SCORE Ladies man. Her rod provider this time is Troy Halston of the DVD My Wife Your Meat (also playing at SCOREVideos), the porn actor and director who thoughtfully gave his porn star wife Holly Halston new dicks to put in into her curvy wazoo for the 1st time in that video. Eva is dressed to thrill afresh as always, doing extraordinary justice to her tight blue suit and dark pumps. Her slim and stacked figure is one of the almost any gracious SCORE bodies in fresh years. She’s a modern-classic SCORE Girl. What red-blooded Lothario wouldn’t go ape knowing he’s going to bonk Eva‘s mammaries, throat and tight bawdy cleft? She’s total eyecandy. Eva treats him to a juggy feast, sitting on his lap and giving him her giant meatballs to engulf, squeeze and bury his face in and zone out in knocker nirvana, a condition that can turn a boob-dog into a zombie. But in advance of that can happen, Eva inches lower, pulling his prick out and expertly mouthing, jacking and titty-banging it. They exchange poses tit for tat so Eva can raise and widen her legs in the air while that charmer fingers and eats her out. Her snatch now soaked and willing for a fill-up, it’s time to shag the sensuous seductress and rock the abode down. The joy of sliding the wang into her is beyond description and so is busting a biggest nut in Eva‘s mouth. Some beauties have what’s called a “cocksucker mouth” and Eva is blessed with it too. When this babe opens her throat after this chab removes his wang from it, a huge glob of goo falls out betwixt her enchanting lips, oozing onto her ideal billibongs. She rubs the sticky man-juice into her mounds adore it’s a night sex cream. Eva knows the well-documented beautifying effects that dude juice can have on a girl’s skin. Visit the SCORELAND Blog for a particular video chat with a naked Eva talking about this cummy climax!

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Horny, tongue-flicking mom satisfies two young studs

Slutty, tongue-flicking Mamma satisfies two young men

Horny, tongue-flicking Mother satisfies two juvenile studs

This scene picks up where 43-year-old Heather‘s interview left off, with Heather on top of Sergio’s dong during the time that that babe sucks Juan’s pecker.

Inspect her tongue-flicking abilities. Inspect how lovingly that babe sucks shlong. Look at how much that babe obviously enjoys having a weenie unfathomable inside her wet, shaved wet crack and how much this babe enjoys having her face coated with 2 loads of cum.

By the way, she is a divorcee and a Mother of four teenagers. She is a messy talker. She’s a very lustful female. Heather told this babe detected whilst looking at porn on the Internet.

“I was just trying to get off, and you had these free vids on there, so I went on there and was enjoying these and thought, ‘Why cant I acquire some of that? Why can’t I receive some schlong, also?'” that babe said. “My utmost fantasy is two chaps. That’s what I asked 40 something for. Why do one lady-killer when u can have two, and I’m amorous and old, and you got me two sexy males, also, which I actually appreciate. I am so lucky.”

She’s favourable, we’re favourable.

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Nailing The Sale

Nailing The Sale

Nailing The Sale

Imagine car shopping with Alexis Silver. Yeah, we can’t either. It’s not that we do not desire to, it is just that we detect our minds drifting to her airbags and not the car’s. But juggy Alexis would make a great saleslady. She seems love the type to do whatever it takes to seal the deal. Even if that means throwing in a not many extras, and by extras we mean XXXtras. You see, this babe blows this guy’s weekly nut-batter allowance with her jugs shortly after talking to him about a car for purchase. That’s right. This fellow did not get to even buy the car to acquire his ramrod drained. Remember that next time you forget that u don’t need to spend or give to get.

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Camille Morgan’s Double Header

Camille Morgan’s Double Header

Camille Morgan's Double Header

With Camille Morgan‘s successful SCORELAND boy-girl initial debut and a second scene at SCOREVideos “Lay Me Priceless,” Camille returns to SCORELAND to take on not one woman chaser but 2 in a lustful threeway scene “Camille Morgan‘s Double Header.” When Camille wishes to go to couch, she leaves Sergio and Juan in the living room watching TV. Sergio needs to use the facilities but the downstairs one is busted so that guy uses the bathroom on the second floor and sees Camille in her bedroom. Camille spots him and says “Are u just going to stand there and view?” Naturally that Lothario makes a bee-line for Camille‘s 34 quad-D’s. Camille is ready for shlong act and wraps her lips and her bumpers around Sergio’s shaft, and then her haunches do the mattress mambo when that babe mounts his pole in reverse cowgirl position–the better to see her bra-busters bounce. This babe is lusting for his thrusting. Wondering why Sergio didn’t return, Juan hears bodies in motion and enters the bedroom. Jealous, this chab has a few words for Sergio who takes the low road and blames Camille for his compromising position. But Camille feels the need for two shag buddies tonight and reaches out for Juan’s trousersnake. That babe gets on her hands and knees, Sergio’s wang thrusting into her muff, Juan’s log in her mouth. 3 is not company for Camille. 3 is big joy at both ends! The merely disadvantage to Camille being serviced by two males is that she can not talk indecent. She is always engulfing on a rod! Thank’s for the double header, Camille. Don’t forget that 7th inning stretch!

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Take Out… Your Pecker

Take Out… Your Weenie

Take Out... Your Cock

Being wined and dined at a fancy restaurant is valuable, but sometimes you just desire to command takeout and unwind at home. Rikki prefers the latter, and this babe has her reasons. “I receive so rogering horny when I eat certain foods that I’d rather just be at home so I can screw right there. If I am at a restaurant, I’ll just acquire into a predicament. Especially when the food is indeed valuable. The better it tastes, the hornier I get. I will commence trying to engulf my guy’s rod under the table. In the heat of the moment I might drag him into the washroom to fuck. To be honest, the number of restaurants I’m not allowed in anymore is a bit ridiculous. So I’d rather just command takeout.”

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