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Phoebe’s First Fuck

Phoebe’s 1st Bonk

Phoebe's First Fuck

Phoebe Page, a 46-year-old wife and Mom from Nashville, Tennessee, makes her worldwide sucking-and-fucking on-camera initial debut, and judging by a hardly any of her fotos, we’re gonna have a good time with Phoebe.

No. 27: Phoebe wraps her lips around a bigger in size than average, thick wang and tries to acquire as much of it into her mouth as possible. This babe seems intent on swallowing that damn thing!

No. 28: Phoebe lies back for a face-fucking and doesn’t brace her hands against the stud’s legs. Nope, she lets him fuck her face as deeply as this chab craves. Because that’s the kind of female that babe is!

No. 31: Riding the stud’s rod, his pecker snug inside her cum-hole, Phoebe rests her high-heeled shoes on his haunches, reaches back to slit an arse cheek and give us a more awesome watch of her arsehole whilst looking into the digi camera.

No. 50: Her face covered with cock juice, Phoebe holds her hands against her cheeks as if to say, “Oh, my, do not I’ve a lot of cum on my face!”

Phoebe is 5’6″, 128 pounds. She can’t live without ice hockey. That babe enjoys baking, writing and plan to the movies. This babe is into the vampire fetish (what lady isn’t these days?). She fantasizes about “screwing my way without a traffic ticket.”

“I savour doing hawt things that make boyz check out me during the time that my hubby watches their reactions,” this babe said. “And going into adult stores jointly to pick out new outfits and toys, then going home to try ’em out.”

Now Phoebe and her husband have a recent toy to play with: her screw scenes on

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A Pliable Pleaser

A Pliable Pleaser

A Pliable Pleaser

“There always appears to be to be a wickedly teasing look in Victoria Lane’s eyes which, combined with that body u just wanna lose yourself in, always gets me inflexible as a rock and masturbating like fury,” writes A.S. in this week’s (#613) “Scorecard” Letters section. “Victoria is a handsome, handsome lady. Thank u, lads, and tell Victoria I want to marry her. More chance of getting lower petrol prices. I can fantasy.” Everything A.S. observes is a straight-on bullseye. This glamour photoshoot of Victoria is posted by total coincidence. There are some novel shots in this set that must be noted, such as sequence Twenty four to 29 and the great nipple pulling of 55 and Fifty six (that’s some stretch) plus some terrific wet crack and chocolate hole shots. In general, you just cant take a bad picture of this goddess! She’s truly got photogenic magic.

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Pretty Pipe Cleaner

Gorgeous Pipe Cleaner

Pretty Pipe Cleaner

There’s something about a hawt hottie with large tatas in red lingerie, waiting for u in the kitchen. It’s almost perfect. The merely thing that’s missing is a cold beer in her hand while this babe is waiting on her knees to suck your jock. But what if that babe told, “Honey, this day I want u to copulate my bigger than standard, juicy milk shakes with your meat-thermometer and then spray me with cum…then I’ll make you a pie,” wouldn’t that be the most-perfect moment of all time? We think so. If Goldie were your girlfriend, then each day would be perfect, because she can’t live without to tit jack off. This babe may not make u a pie afterwards, but she would probably let you click this link her pie, since she seems to be beautiful effortless. (Not that this is a problem.) She said us she can’t live without it almost as much as she likes to give blowjobs. Yes, this babe can’t live with out to give blowjobs, also. And this babe loves to take up with the tongue cum off her bumpers. She is a pipe cleaner and a cum-cleaner, all in one. Talk about a admirable, little lady. What a keeper.

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SeXXX Superstar

SeXXX Superstar

SeXXX Superstar

Neck kissing and other forms of cable TV lovey-dovey, candy-ass sex are a total waste to view when super-MILF Sabrina Linn is back looking priceless and sexy and making her second trip to SCOREVideos for wild-ass banging, licking with tongue and engulfing. This babe is a real SEXY HOUSEWIFE, not a fake Hollywood MILF. Sabrina’s first was “As Naughty As I Urge to Be” and it was just now embossed into the male brain that “Sabrina clearly likes being on the receiving end of carnal, cunt-pounding, porn-sex.” This babe is a good-bad hotty who calls the editor of SCORE “sir,” and says “I’m a Mother. I’m a truly priceless girl in the community. I’m a very wonderful, enjoyment and worthwhile little hotty who does everything proper and a crazy cutie who does anything freaky and wild and does my own thing.” In her first scene, Sabrina was rogered by super-stud JMac and now Johnny Champ has the ramming honors in “SeXXX Superstar.” One time again, Sabrina gets to play out her sexually excited urges. The harder Sabrina’s fucked, the nastier the position, the better she appears to be to have enjoyment it. Treat Sabrina well and be a gentleman but group sex her like a wench so the adrenaline and her muff juices can flow. Coming to SCORE allows Sabrina to express that messy beauty side of her. It’s a place where babes can live out their copulate thrill-fantasies in a secure environment with dedicated cocksmen. Then watch the results when they acquire home. Back home in Texas, Sabrina is a different person. She has tons of male friends who probably drool all over her and this babe loves their company but as she said, “I do not group action my friends!” That babe is been a stripper and that babe is a swinger. Now she is a porn star but still the same Sabrina from Texas. “I’ve been active in the swinger couples lifestyle for 20 years, and if I have a paramour who’s in the lifestyle, then we’re active,” says the double-G blonde bombshell. If you are a member of or, Sabrina too has a non-sex scene as a doctor in the opener of a movie with legal age teenager playgirl Vee Cummings and this babe is as nice as any actress on TV. It is too part of the DVD Teen Rectal Exams. Welcome back, Sabrina Linn.

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Anorei Collins XXX

Anorei Collins XXX

Anorei Collins XXX

Pulling porn buck Tony over to her, back against the wall, the excellent Anorei Collins asks him, “Can u think of any uses for my giant screwing hooters?” The gent can think of a petite in number right away. They are the astronomical mammaries he has ever encountered in his life and this buck is had a gigantic share of many marangos of all shapes and sizes. Where to start first? “Kiss my gigantic bumpers,” encourages Anorei. He needs none. “I crave u to bury your face in them.” Anorei is impressed by his gentle touch as that man sinks between her massive scoops upraised by her bra and low-scooped blouse. “You’re allowed to squeeze.” Every breast is much greater than Tony’s head. “They’re a lot more fun when they’re not trapped in a shirt,” says Anorei as she lowers her top to disclose the lacey blue undergarment encasing ’em. “Kiss my fullsome funbags, engulf on them.” This chab sucks every teat, savoring the taste, scent and texture. A pair of the mountainous love melons of them all and that is saying a mouthful at XLGirls. Kneeling in advance of him, her garments on but her treasures hanging free, Anorei lowers Tony’s jeans and panties and swallows his rock-hard hardon with great talent. This babe not fast sucks, leaking her tongue beneath his horn and then goes to town on him, engulfing fast. The cameraman gets down so this chab can shoot up for a magnificent angle of Anorei’s super-mams while that babe sucks him hands-free. This is only the beginning of Anorei Collins’ 1st glad, hot and amorous hardcore scene at

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Virgin Ass

Virgin Butt

Virgin Ass

Kitana Flores is very modest. Also modest. “I do not love to brag about my body or think I’m all that,” says Kitana. “I’d rather people look inside at my personality than the physical ‘cuz the physical can go in a minute.” But the fact is, Kitana is special. Kitana, breasty Miami Beach hottie with the excellent Latin babe bathing dress body, is back and showing her back for a very particular reason. “Virgin Ass” is Kitana’s first on-camera ace bonk scene. As a pre-game warm-up, bikini-clad Kitana displays off her slim ‘n’ stacked figure to Carlos. That babe stands by the bed where the real game will kick-off and sensuously runs her hands all over her bod, first standing, then kneeling; licking with tongue her lips and offering the promise of intense fun. The walking juicy fantasy climbs into ottoman and acquires into a kneeling pose, squeezable, tight gazoo raised up; legs drooping over the edge; palms flat on the mattress. It is the kind of pose every men’s mag pictorial acquire to have when showcasing the gazoo. Carlos reaches out for those appealing tush cheeks and runs his hands over ’em, and up and down her haunches. He kisses and licks her butthole and spanks her cheeks as Kitana purrs love a cat. “Every lad can’t live with out doggie position,” Kitana said to V-mag editor Maria about what position almost any boys adore to receive a beauty into for rimming. “You receive the right position…you need to see it [the ass], you can likewise pull [the girl’s hair]. So I think that would be the topmost position for anal.” Carlos pulls down Kitana’s swim suit knickers and spits into her chocolate hole and licks it, wetting it for meat-thermometer. He probes it with his soaked finger in preparation for anal joy. But first, Kitana sucks and tit-fucks him. Then, they bonk. On her back, Kitana, her muff filled with thrusting 10-Pounder, cries out erotically in a mix of English and Spanish, and her moans of “Papi, si” (“Yes, daddy”) fill the air. Now it’s time for Kitana to have her “culo” filled. Carlos fingers Kitana’s tawny rosebud another time in advance of his “pinga” slips in and sends Kitana into the clouds with ecstasy. Her 1st anal penetration will be in a missionary position. There will be more to come in Kitana’s hottest scene yet at SCORELAND.

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Debbie Leigh

Debbie Leigh

Debbie Leigh

Hearing is believing and if you like hearing a girl with the vocabulary of a phone sex operator say the nastiest ram during the time that she’s slammed, jammed and rammed, Debbie Leigh is the crown winner for that. Cute, bubbly, darksome brown and bouncy, Debbie is a SCORE Cutie with one of the dirtiest mouths out of Twenty years of SCORE Angels. When Debbie’s throat wasn’t filled with knob, the sheer volume of sex talk that poured out was fantastic as this movie from the Classic DVD SCORE Xtra 12 amply proves. Many girls don’t say much when they screw on digital camera, aside from the primal fuck sounds that all honey bunnys make but Debbie takes fuck-me talk into the stratosphere. The audio-sexing is non-stop even when her sex-date Talon is reverse-fucking her pantoons whilst this chab practically sits on her face. “Slide your 10-Pounder between my large, fetching marangos whilst I engulf your balls and play with myself,” cries Debbie in one virtuoso discharged. No story, no plot, no pirates or car chases, this episode begins off with Debbie telling you to come fuck her. Talon copulates the shit without Debbie and covers her face with cum when his thermometer pops. 2 other things about this scene: Debbie not at all takes off her librarian-style glasses even when that babe gets a facial spritzing and that babe looks into the digi camera a lot which almost any adult models do in hardcore pictorials but rarely do in movie scene and this personalized eye-contact adds a good you’re-the-man touch.

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Make You Holla For Some Dollars!!

Make You Holla For Some Dollars!!

Make U Holla For Some Dollars!!

Soleil is not what u would call a businesswoman. Nope, she’s not as savvy as all that. She is what u would call a hustler. That babe understands how to make specie using what she is got. And what this babe is got is greater than run of the mill ole’ bosoms and a fur pie that is hawt and damp for plowing. So that babe hits the street, slanting her mambos and her coochie for cold hard men. When she comes across this John’s greater than standard dick, she is cheerful ‘cuz it’s a win-win. She is intend to receive slammed by a stupendous jock and make her dough, and he’s gonna get the paramount coochie u can buy on the streets. But it’s a business deal, after all, and Soleil is about the hustle, so this babe tells this lad to drop Them and acquire it on with her cuz her time is specie. That babe is so willing to receive the job done that she doesn’t even take her shoes off. That’s right! This hooker is ready for everything, even if it means springing off the 10-Pounder and right out the door, to discover one more petticoat chaser with cash. Hey, everyone is going throughout rock hard economic times right now, so if this hootered ho has to pound jock and then pound the pavement looking for more weenie after that, then hey, we are not eager at her.

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Kay’s big-cock anal jam

Kay’s big-cock anal jam

Kay's big-cock anal jam

“Oh, baby, I desire it in my arse now,” 48-year-old housewife Kay says to 25-year-old stunt ramrod Johnny about 13 minutes into this scene, which is entirely about sexual, wicked sex. There’s no setup. No plot. When it widens, Kay is wearing a short, colorful costume. Johnny is all over her boobies and fur pie, and Kay is all over his weenie. This babe is grinding her wazoo into his crotch to let him know what this babe urges…after that babe sucks his dick and acquires her semi-shaved muff rogered, of course.

One of the highlights of this scene comes previous to Johnny sticks his cock in Kay’s wedded chocolate hole. She’s lying on her side on the ottoman, and he’s pummeling her bawdy cleft while lying behind her, and her nipples are hard as little rocks. One’s pointing str8 to the northeast, the other is pointing str8 to the southeast, and you could cut glass with these aroused nips.

One more highlight is when Kay is sat on top of Johnny, her butthole surrounding his rod, and Johnny grabs her by the booty cheeks and pumps her up and down on his wang. Kay takes every inch and then says, “I want you to shove that rod up my ass doggie-style.” When Kay’s a-hole has been thoroughly screwed and Johnny can not hold back any more, when Kay’s mature arsehole has clutched his shlong for all it is worth, Kay receives on her knees and spreads her mouth for his load.

This scene really reflects Kay’s personality. This is a dominatrix who can’t live with out gangbangs, sucking strapon and taking it up the butt. That babe is not one of those hotty’s who needs to be romanced. That babe isn’t into that lovey-dovey crap. That babe is a lady who needs to have her holes filled. Every single one. Throat. Pussy. Wazoo. And if u can come up with another one, she’d probably be game for that, likewise.

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“Mrs. Daniels, you’re so fucking hot!”

“Mrs. Daniels, you’re so rogering sexy!”

Mike’s ally Johnny helped him do some work around the house, and now Johnny is plan to spend the night on the bed.

“My parents are upstairs,” Mike says. “Keep the volume down, alright?”

But there’s indeed nothing on TV (what else is new?), so Johnny checks out the storage chest in front of the couch, and what’s inside? Magazines! Men’s magazines! And, wouldn’t u know it, 50Plus MILFS is one of them. So this Lothario begins flipping through it and…

“What the screw! That’s Mike’s Mother!”

Yeah, it has to be a bit of a shock to watch your foremost friend’s 62-year-old Mom slutting it up in a men’s magazine, and it is a large turn-on, likewise, so Johnny begins playing with his dick through his pants during the time that looking at the impure pics of Mrs. Daniels when…

“Johnny, I did not know you were here,” says Mrs. Daniels, standing behind Johnny, looking very hawt.

“I indeed do appreciate you helping with the attic,” Mrs. Daniels says. “I put these magazines in there hoping u would detect them. What do u think?”

“You’re so banging hawt,” Johnny says.

“I am so cheerful that you’re spending the night. It actually makes things so much easier.”


“I am so screwing lewd,” Mrs. Daniels says. “And I adore youthful cock, baby. I love my son’s friends’ greater than run of the mill dongs. You do not mind if Mrs. Daniels devours you, do you?”

He doesn’t mind at all. Why should this charmer? Not when his foremost friend’s Mommy is one of the hottest honeys on the planet. Not when she’s intend to let him shag her face and her bigger than run of the mill bra buddies and her old love tunnel. Not when she’s intend to invite him to shoot his cum all over her face and love muffins.

Did Mike say, “Keep the volume down”? Yep, right. Not when Rita’s around.

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Laundry Can Wait

Laundry Can Expect

Laundry Can Wait

Veronika finds interesting things to do in the laundry room. Things that are not ever shown in TV commercials for some unknown reason. About to wash her delicate underclothing and bras, the big breasted redhead somehow gets sidetracked by our camera and continues to rub one out right there whilst her feminine dainties lies on the floor in a heap. She can take care of that chore later. A worthwhile cum comes 1st in Veronika’s every day routine. Some other easy-going Czech boyfrend, Veronika should earn more comments than that babe does. Writes J.K., “I’m a fool for redheads with overbites. Why, I don’t know. When I 1st saw Veronika, when that babe was blonde, I immediately got a yen for her. I only wish you would photograph her more. That babe merits more attention than this babe gets, hardcore or solos, as lengthy as I see more of her.” We don’t know the next time we’ll be back in Prague but when we are, we’ll check to see if Veronika is still stripped modeling.

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