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Gabrielle Love – Love Power

Adore Power

Love Power

The Scorecard letter section at SCORELAND has published three letters about Gabrielle Adore over the final slight in number weeks–one by a subscriber who had not at any time written before. And considering all of the many sensational models we’ve discovered, that says a lot. She’s got the power. Here that babe is one more time. Feast your eyes as Gabrielle parts her silky hips, tit-men.

R.N. writes: “I discover myself returning to this one peculiar dish each time for the exquisite pont of time of joy when I shoot my load. That’s what happens to me with Gabrielle Love. I have started masturbating 3 times over Siri having her way with two dongs, but I by no means fail to turn to Gabrielle when I cum.”

A. writes: “I like Gabrielle Adore. She’s the ONE. I have been a long-time subscriber. Well this is my first time ever sending in a comment. Not that I’ve not at any time been inspired in advance of. Oh the alluring vixens you have given us over the years. It’s just that Ms. Like has sparked something inside of me to shriek out, ‘Encore, Bravo!'”

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Jenna Covelli – Celebrating Jenna’s 51st birthday

Celebrating Jenna’s 51st birthday

Celebrating Jenna's 51st birthday

Yesterday (February Twenty five) was Jenna Covelli’s 51st birthday. Today, this divorcee with the longest nipples we have ever seen returns to for more sexin’.

“I’m pleased to be back,” Jenna told. “I’m so glad the studs liked me.”

How can we not like (make that like) a tall, buxom, busty California blonde who always appears to be to have a smile on her face, even when she is rogering, and, love we told, has the longest areolas we’ve ever seen. Not quite an inch long! Identify out how long and pointy Jenna’s nipps are when she’s on her hands and knees sucking 10-Pounder. Watch her eye-contact with the camera whilst she has the jock unfathomable in her mouth. Look how cheerful she’s to have a weenie in her twat!

“I have sex 2 or 3 times a day,” told Jenna, who’s a Mom of 2. Sometimes more.”

As for those nips, Jenna told, “My areolas are very sensitive, and they’re not tough. Just a little tug receives me lustful. No biting! A nibble is ok. Just do not bite. I could by no means pierce ’em.”

Hey, no problem, Jenna. We like our ladies natural. Jenna is from Palm Springs, California. She’s a divorcee. That babe used to work in corporate sales. Not anymore.

Happy birthday, Jenna!

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Misty Knights – Night Sticker

Night Sticker

Night Sticker

A boy on a daybed is reading a copy of SCORE magazine when a cop barges into his living room. A cop wearing lap dancer heels?

That’s no cop.

That’s Misty Knights in her big busted cop stripper outfit. She’s a gift from the dude’s buddy and when her dance is over, they receive down and messy. This gogo dancer screws her clients also. Priceless! Misty is the one who gets busted when this chab busts his nut in her awaiting mouth after they shag on his sofa. That is what u call a real ally.

How did we detect Misty Knights?

On stage at the Miss Naked Porn contest at Tootsie’s Cabaret in North Miami. As part of her action, Misty pulled out a huge, cock-shaped marital-device with balls that squirted milk when squeezed. Certainly, she drilled her cunt with it. Then milk-coated Misty rogered herself with a bottle of Bud. This was one of those times when wearing a raincoat if u were sat close to the stage would be advised. What a bitch hotty. We saw SCORE movie talent right then and there.

This scene was added to the DVD SCORE Xtra 5.

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Marisa Carlo – No plot. No setup. Just sucking and fucking.

No plot. No setup. Just sucking and fucking.

No plot. No setup. Just engulfing and rogering.

When this scene opens, the lad is already having his way with Marisa Carlo’s whoppers, sucking these larger than average, F-cup sucklers aggressively during the time that she groans with fun. Then Marisa sits back and widens her legs a little so we can watch her love tunnel throughout her pantyhose. Then this babe turns around so the skirt chaser can spank her a-hole.

“You love it?” Marisa says, one of the not many things she says in this scene other than, “Oh yeah” and “Ah!” and “I like this!” What that babe can’t live out of is having her a-hole slapped and her vagina eaten. Basically, in this scene, Marisa, a 46-year-old wife from Mexico, allows herself to be turned into a 23-year-old’s bonk toy. Yep, the Lothario is half her age, and now he’s ruined for life coz this skirt chaser is never intend to acquire sucked and fucked adore Marisa sucks and copulates him.

After Marisa sucks his weenie and has been banged every which way, Mr. Juvenile Dude shoots his cum all over her marangos and face. Some of his spunk acquires into her hair. But that babe doesn’t complain about that. Maybe some girls would complain about that, but 46-year-old Mexican SEXY HOUSEWIVES who shag at NOT AT ANY TIME complain about that. They adore it. They might not say so, but they can’t live without it. U can see it all over their faces.

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Dors Feline – Such A Pretty Pair

Such A Glamorous Pair

Such A Nice-looking Pair

Brits Dors Feline and Terri Jane were quite a pair in the Dominican Republic where these images were shot. You not at all saw airline workers so helpful and courteous. Our studio manager who spent time dressing ’em for photo discharges and vids called ’em “two big-titty sisters.” They had tons of things in common. They like singing to Michael Jackson songs. They could store many objects inside their unfathomable cleavage such as cell phones and chihuahuas. Terri Jane has so far appeared in nine magazines and six DVDs. Dors in eight magazines and four DVDs.

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Nancy Navarro – Traffic Jammer

Traffic Jammer

Traffic Jammer

“I do not like to wear a below garment coz they’re likewise taut,” says Nancy Navarro of Fresh York. “I can’t breathe. In instruct to make a under garment actually hold my whoppers, they have to be indeed slight around my chest, and that’s just also taut for me.”

“My areolas are always subrigid. It doesn’t even matter if I’m turned on or not turned on. They’re always rock hard. Cold, hawt, not hot, not cold, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing.”

“When I walk, I’ve really had people at the light prevent and look at me. I usually wear dresses. I do not wear stuff that is also revealing, but there is not much I can do to hide my mambos. They’re about to make a turn, and they just await for me to walk by. Then they make their turn. Sometimes it’s a matter of joke what people do just to take a look, but sometimes it can be dangerous.”

“I try not to sit down [on Recent York City subway trains] coz if I’m sat down, you need to watch the breast valley. That is the superlatively nice observe, I imagine. So I’ll be sat down and I can feel ’em watching and I’m adore, ‘Well, savour, I suppose.'”

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Alexa Rae – Nurse Alexa to BBC, stat!

Nurse Alexa to BBC, stat!

Nurse Alexa to BBC, stat!

Seems adore Lucas faked his way into the hospital ‘coz that gent knows one of the nurses is sexy. It’s Alexa Rae. Lucas isn’t very admirable at playing sick, but this fellow can not fake a rock hard cock. Alexa takes notice and makes a decision to take his pulse throughout his shlong.

“I’ve gotta get you up some,” this babe says, although this babe already seems to have him up.

“I’ve got some special tricks the other nurses do not do,” that babe says.

“I hope it deals with mouth-to-mouth,” Lucas moans.

Nope. It doesn’t. But it does acquire to do with mouth-to-cock and pussy-to-cock.

Hey, what kind of fuckin’ hospital is this, moreover? Hospital, where the nurses are all over 40 (in Alexa’s case, 48) and know how to treat their patients. Now, if you are truly sick, you do not want to go here. But if u wanna receive fucked–no, we do not mean by the insurance company–this is your place.

By the way, u boyz who like gaping vaginas might wanna skip ahead to about 18:20. Then you’ll know why they call her Nurse Gaper.

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Sofia Rose – Sofia Rose At Last

Sofia Rose At Final

Sofia Rose At Last

Sofia Rose…finally.

XLGirls endevoured to acquire it jointly with Sofia Rose in 2006 and a hardly any times since then. At final, the planets aligned properly and we are glad to present gorgeous Sofia for the first time as an XL Girl.

“I was told in 2005 that I should be a SCORE Girl. I didn’t know what that was until 2006 when I started modeling. Adult modeling is now full-time for me. I’ve the most enjoyment job I have ever had.”

Buying bras for Sofia’s 52 inch 38JJ mangos cant be easy. “I met a custom fitter in Iowa about 15 years agone and that babe fitted and sized me. But now I can buy whatever I can discover that fits me off the rack, usually the incorrect size, but I can receive it to fit or achieve the look I am looking for, then I buy it. I’ve many corsets custom made for me by a lady in San Antonio, Texas. If I’m home, I usually don’t wear a undergarment. I loathe bras but I can’t go unsupported all day so even when I’m home I wear some kind of supportive top with a built-in undergarment. It doesn’t do much but it makes me feel secure. Otherwise, I am a bigger in size than run of the mill fan of my bras and custom made corsets.”

Sofia began to develop at a very early age. Her milk sacks were 36DD at 15 and they continued to skyrocket in growth after that babe had a child. Currently Sofia is 52-40-52, wears a 38JJ (or K) undergarment and has a weight of 240 pounds.

“I adore to go out and have joy. Dinner, drinks, exotic dancing. I like to play pool and bar hop, socialize and meet fresh people wherever I go. I’m a titanic flirt with both studs and hotties. Photography is a astronomical hobby. I love to dating allies and just savour partying and exotic dancing the night away.”

Welcome Sofia Rose to Display some like and send your props.

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Lana Ivans – Top Shelf Tottie

Top Shelf Tottie

Top Shelf Tottie

If you are a jealous type of dude with a short fuse, maybe u do not wanna be out in public with Lana Ivans if she is dressed like this. Everyone is gonna be staring at her whoppers as that babe walks towards ’em and everyone is gonna be staring at her butt as this babe walks away from ’em. She’s the real reason why CCTV cameras are everywhere today. Her body is on “Most Wanted” flyers.

Quite numerous hot big breasted women have hailed from Romania in recent times. Arianna Sinn, Jasmine Darksome, Roxanne Miller and Estelle Taylor, to name a few. There are still more recent discoveries to discover in this land of plenty. There was a gap in time in the second half of the ’00s when they were unyielding to find. But the Boob Vigour is strong there once more. It must be all that corn they consume.

We met up with Lana again on a recent visit to Bucharest and you’ll be seeing these fotos pretty soon.

And if you are reading this and you’re in Romania, and you have a neighbour adore Lana Ivans, tell her to visit The Boob Brotherhood is counting on u.

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Cassie Blanca – Straight-from-the-Oven Lovin’

Straight-from-the-Oven Lovin’

Straight-from-the-Oven Lovin'

Cassie’s not the kind of angel who thinks a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but she’ll make an exception to her please her ladies man. Just so lengthy as this babe can bake and cook in constricted, revealing raiment and high heels. But the real fun starts when the muffins come with out the oven. “I think it’s very sensual and hot when a lady-killer feeds me, and it gives me the chance to show him just what I can do with my throat. When I’m being fed my cookie gets just as hawt as an oven and I definitely must have some goodies put inside of it!”

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Kelly Christiansen – SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored

SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored

SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored

Previous to Kelly Christiansen (SCORE Model of 2011 winner) is called to the SCOREtv set as a guest for the flaunt, that babe finds the time for a wham-bam quickie in the “green room.” There is always time for engulfing, rogering, tit-wanking. SCOREtv host Dave can expect if Kelly goes over the allotted time.

Has in nature’s garb modeling at SCORE changed Kelly’s life? “Before I strided into the studio the 1st time, I really, honestly did not think I could pose, and coming in and having such a precious time, definitely, I couldn’t believe it. It was great. I was looking for a change. I wanted to do something completely drastic, and I did. And drastic for me is I’d at not time done anything like that.”

“Now I can just walk up to somebody and talk to ’em about everything. Especially my wobblers. I can definitely talk to somebody about my love bubbles. Boyz are not shy! And I would just be love, ‘Thank you, I think.’ What do u say? But now, I am adore, ‘Oh, yep, you wanna watch ’em?’ Although not too many people recognize me, even now.”

Kelly Christiansen: A number-one SCORE Hotty.

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