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Sally D’Angelo – Finally 60, finally ass-fucked

Finally 60, finally ass-fucked

Finally 60, finally ass-fucked

What does it mean when Rocky slips his finger in Sally D’Angelo’s taut darksome hole in photo no. Thirty of this set? And then keeps his finger firmly inserted in her backdoor for six more pics?

It means Sally is lastly plan to get ass-fucked on-camera!

That is right! In her fifth copulate scene, this just-turned-60-year-old wife, Mother, grandmother and all-around schlong paramour is gonna take a penis up her a-hole. Not that we’re surprised. After all, Sally has been spending lots of time with Rita Daniels, and Rita has taken it up her arse each which way for our cameras. Rita and Sally even had a three-way, and you had to figure Sally was not about to allow herself to get one-upped-her-ass by Rita much longer.

“I’ve had anal sex with my hubby and with my partner in my a-hole and one more petticoat chaser in my cum-hole,” Sally told. “That was hot, but I had to have a hardly any drinks to get there!”

That babe didn’t need a scarcely any drinks this time. She was willing to get ass-fucked the second this babe strolled into our studio. And did that babe savour it? Well, we didn’t ask her. We did not must. Sally’s groans of enjoyment echoed through the building, and that was with the doors to the studio locked.

So here’s Sally. Ass-fucked. Honey bunny, we always knew you’d have it in u.

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Kelli Maxx – New Discovery

Recent Discovery

New Discovery

Meet Kelli Maxx from Boston, a goddess ready to join the array of good foxes and vivacious hotties at Kelli is a web-cam glamour model we contacted several months agone. This babe wanted to know all about us at 1st and once that babe checked us out, it was all-systems go.

Does Kelli work-out? “Sometimes I hula-hoop. Does that count?”

What are Kelli’s hobbies? “I adore to journey, view documentaries and masturbate a lot.”

We know the answer to this question but we’ll ask in any case. Does Kelli have any special talents? “I can hide all sorts of things betwixt and underneath my wobblers. That is been my greater than run of the mill talent since I was a teenager.”

Is Kelli into any perverted fetishes? “I dabble in findom [A fetish in which studs are financially dominated. Some might call that marriage.] but other than that I love to get straight down to it.”

What kind of dates does Kelli adore to go on? “I’m old-fashioned. I adore intend to dinner and seeing a video. And ending the night in bed.”

Kelli has a chat with the director. She’s a little coy at first since this is her first adept shoot, and Kelli says she’s not a talker. This babe is more of doer. A body language hotty more than a chatty gal. After several minutes, Kelli loosens up and slips off her hawt garments to unveil her incredible body.

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Minka – Minka Jackumentary

Minka Jackumentary

Minka Jackumentary

October 2014 SCORE magazine (on-sale July 8th, 2014) will mark Twenty years since Minka’s launch in October 1994 issue. That in itself in the world of big-bust modeling is a major achievement when so many models come and go.

In advance of becoming a dancer and model, Minka was a ranked tennis player, smth that remains her excitement to today.

“One day, I was playing in the Oriental Olympic Games in Chicago, and my friend, she’s a plastic surgeon, that babe and I were showering together and this babe said to me, ‘Why don’t u acquire into the men’s magazines? Do not educate tennis. How much money can u make teaching tennis?’

“I didn’t even know about the magazines. I had not at any time seen them. So this babe brought SCORE mag tomorrow, and this babe said she’d not at all observed any cover of SCORE with an Oriental goddess. This babe said, ‘You have a photogenic face. You are plan to make it.’ When my friend showed me the mag, I saw the telephone number and that is what I called. I sent 3 Polaroid pix. In all the pictures, I had a natural smile on my face. And it was intend to be the first time an Oriental beauty was on the cover. That was very important to me.”

Minka was in fact the first Asian glamour model to become a covergirl in the big-bust magazine category.

“So John Graham got the pix, then this petticoat chaser called my abode. He said, ‘An airplane ticket is going to be at your house in one or two days. I desire u to come to UK.’ That’s it. So I went to UK. And that man took a test picture and said I would be on the cover, and then he told that I would be a feature dancer. I followed what Lisa Lipps and Casey James were doing. I did not know how to dance that way. I did not know how to sing. I didn’t know how to take off the hot clothing. But I knew how to smile, and I learned what to do.”

This Jackumentary pays tribute to Minka’s longevity and popularity although Minka’s done so much that only a DVD (Maximum Minka) could do her justice

“I knew I could do it, but tons of angels back then were stuck up. They didn’t talk to me. And I thought, ‘Wait.’ And now, everybody’s gone, and I’m here! And I am gonna be here next year!”

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Melissa Mandlikova – Knocked Up

Knocked Up

Knocked Up

If u were to list some of the SCORE or V-mag glamour models you’d predict would A) receive preggy and B) pose preggo, who would u list? Would blonde Czech cupcake Melissa Mandlikova be on that list?

Melissa contacted one of our photographers with the news that that babe was knocked-up, SCORE asked her about posing. At 1st somewhat hesitant (Melissa was always the relatively bashful type since 2006 when that babe 1st started undressed modeling for SCORE), Melissa thought about it and decided to let the other shoe drop, so to speak.

Melissa is six months preggo in this photo widen and accompanying clip. The fair-skinned golden-haired ravisher now carries a mountainous stomach bump, her greater than run of the mill titties are bigger in size and her once-pale areolae are a deep, brunette, the color of Columbian coffee, as her hormones flood her body and produce more pigment, a natural part of the pregnancy cycle.

There’s some other Melissa clip and photo shoot and it will be published next month at SCORELAND. Thanks, Melissa Mandlikova!

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Tori Dean – Horny For Cock In her ass

Wanton For Dick In her wazoo

Horny For Wang In her ass

“I’m feeling truly amorous today,” 47-year-old Tori Dean tells Tony. “Are you as slutty as I am?”

Probably. Even hornier.

“Do you like what u watch?”

What we’re seeing is Tori’s tight body and bigger than run of the mill scoops packed into a low-cut and very hawt costume. What we’re about to watch is Tori mouthing a larger than standard knob, taking it in her fur pie and backdoor and then enjoying a creampie. This is the 4th time Tori has screwed for our viewing joy (this babe is taken it up the a-hole one time previous to), and it’s a valuable one.

This is the female who was once voted “Legendary SEXY HOUSEWIFE of Arizona.” Since there’re lots of SEXY HOUSEWIVES in Arizona, where Tori lives, that’s quite an salute. And how many of these HORNY HOUSEWIVES have rogered on-camera?

“Probably more than you’d think,” Tori said, although that babe says the people who know her would not be surprised to see her here.

“I do not think anybody would be surprised,” this babe told.

Even by the part where this babe takes Tony’s dick in her wazoo?

“Even that.”

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Sofia Rose – Sex Games

Sex Games

Sex Games

“Obviously, if a chap likes big marangos, he’ll be attracted to me initially,” says Sofia Rose. “I’ve too converted some boyz to arse males coz I’m blessed in that area, likewise. I have even had guys who had not at all dated ethnic honey bunnys make a decision that they can’t live out of Latin vixens.”

It appears adore fetching Sofia urges to play a little coarse. This babe mounts Largo and rides him, grinding on top. Sofia is feeling dominating and in control. Her lap riding is leading to stiff feelings. Her big boobs are hand magnets. She knows how to rub a chap the right way. Juan squeezes and spanks her round ass-cheeks. Sofia loves that and wishes another slap.

Sofia’s boobs fall without her monokini top, two king-size bra-busters that even the Jolly Green Gigantic couldn’t palm. Largo sucks Sofia’s brown pointers and buries his face in the deep divide of her super-natural super-breasts. She turns around and sits on his face, one of her specialties. Lads like that.

Sofia kneels on the floor betwixt his legs. Juan stays in daybed. Pulling his prick with out his shorts, Sofia engulfs it between her lips and sucks rock hard, making proud sounds. That babe takes her twin pillows, so bigger than typical they merit their own area code, and squishes his tool betwixt ’em. It disappears. Sofia acquires back on the couch so Juan can straddle her chest and slip his cock into her deep cleavage from this position. Another time it disappears.

Standing up on the daybed, Sofia is fed pecker afresh. She keeps her hands by her sides as this petticoat chaser pumps in and with out her mouth. This chab receives back on the bed and beckons Sofia to get on top. Her bottom is pulled aside for clear access to her constricted pussy-hole and the pecker slides in. Sofia immediately grinds fast and rigid. She’s lovin’ it. What gent would not be intoxicated by Sofia’s super-sex powers?

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Noelle Easton – How To Make A Model

How To Make A Glamour model

How To Make A Model

Noelle Easton is a walking succulent dream, even for men’s magazine photographers. That babe tanalises and tickles the lens and teases and tickles the jock behind the lens. This SCORE shooter will be shooting a larger than typical load and it is all Noelle’s fault. This babe made him do it. Blame it on that non-stop body, slender with big natural pointer sisters and cute-pretty face. This babe started lap dancing a month after this babe turned Eighteen, danced for six months and

“Facials are just so much hotter than normal, y’know, cumming in your bawdy cleft,” Noelle told. “I’m just adore, “Cum on my face! Let it drip down me. I adore ’em to just kind of aim towards my face hole, and I stick my tongue out a little bit so a little acquires in my mouth and then it just trickle down my chin and down my breasts, and whatsoever I’ve left in my mouth, I just spit it out and let it oozes down. I just think that’s so sexy.”

But does Noelle always spit or is she a gulp girl also?

“I’m a swallow goddess! If u can stick a dong in your throat, u can gulp the cum. Spitters are quitters. But I do like it on my face for the expose.”

Noelle finds her glad seat on her photographer’s meat-thermometer and rides vigorously, bouncing all the way. And she is enjoying everything about the ride and the rides to come.

“I definitely wanna make a career with out porn, but I too have bigger in size goals than that, and my astronomical goal is to go to school to become a veterinarian and open up my own rescue shelter. I already rescue animals. I merely have six right now, but that is all I can take. That makes me sad. I’ve two dogs and four cats. Three of them are just baby kittens.”

There is not much Noelle needs to learn about sex that this babe doesn’t already know now. So young, so mad.

“I’ve observed my videos but I don’t indeed, adore, masturbate to them, I just kind of critique myself. It is good to see how you look and watch if you get to change everything. I can receive ideas about what to do that will make anything better.”

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Angel Wicky – Date With A Hot Angel

Date With A Hot Angel

Date With A Hawt Angel

Cutie Wicky and her date Thomas have dinner plans. They identify a swanky restaurant and Beauty dresses even more glamorously than she normally does for the occasion. They toast with bubbly in their private booth. Thomas expects some act after dinner, maybe in some hot hotel with mirrors on the ceiling. He doesn’t expect Beauty to get so lewd before they even eat.

Angel jacks his knob right there in the booth and blows him. This chab bonks her bigger than typical zeppelins during the time that that babe sits and after he clears some of the dishes and champagne bucket off the table, lays Hotty on it and bonks her while she is still in her suit. Her straps pulled to the side, Beauty is banged fast and stiff. This babe takes off her suit and undies, leaving her heels on, and they continue their specific meal. Beauty even finds an sexual and breast-slanted way to have joy their dessert. This dish is a big boobed raunchy tornado.

We asked Gal in the Czechia if this babe has had sex in public since that babe has sex drive that’s off the charts, and this dream movie plays with the theme of public banging.

“Yes I’ve. In a car and in public. For shooting, it’s kewl and batty. But for sex with somebody I love? No. The truth is I can not enjoy it and concentrate. I do not feel relaxed and comfortable, so much noise, diminutive space, people around…I need quiet and a comfortable place, where can I do what I wish and how I wish, out of anyone else around.”

Is there anything Gal craves that babe were more admirable at sexually?

“Hmm…no. I can’t think of anything. Is that even possible now after all I do?”

“For me, the most important thing is that I am a perfectionist. I’m a porno star and I have the congratulate and opportunity to fulfill all the dreams and fantasies of the people who see me. So I concentrate on making ideal scenes and pictures. I try to do my topmost so everybody will enjoy ’em…and me.”

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Jade Steele – Jade Gets Some

Jade Receives Some

Jade Acquires Some

Exotic, shapely, dark-haired 43-year-old Jade Steele is putting on her makeup when this scene spreads. The digital camera zeros in on her very fine breast valley, then pans out when Tony brandishes up and grabs her melons. It bears a resemblance to they were supposed to go out tonight, but they’re not going anywhere.

“I’m trying to receive willing,” Jade tells Tony.

That petticoat chaser is trying to acquire into her knickers. This chap doesn’t need to try also hard.

“I like sex,” Jade told. “I just don’t get sufficient of it.”

That has to be her preference. What charmer would turn down Jade?

And just in case you meet her and wanna try your luck, this Mom of one can’t live without studs who are kind and can make her giggle.

Hey, isn’t that what each female says? Well, Jade means it.

Or maybe she doesn’t. After all, Tony wasn’t kind. He just walked up to her and grasped her bra-busters. And he did not make her laugh.

“But he did make me cum,” Jade told.

There is always a catch, isn’t there?

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Roxanne Miller – Monokini Madness

Monokini Madness

Monokini Madness

Roxanne is temporarily concealing a skimpy monokini under her dinner date suit. Does this babe have a permit for this concealed feminine weapon? This babe doesn’t take long to slip without it. If u went to the beach or to a pool with Roxanne and she wore that, what would be going through your mind?

We asked Roxanne to list a hardly any of her favourite things.

Favorite nightclub: “Being a rock ‘n’ roll female, I prefer the metal pubs. They are cheap, they smell like beer and cigs and the music is loud and fine.”

Prefered singer: “Morrissey and Johnny Money for male and Tori Amos and Bjork for female-dominant. But there’re so many that I love. If it sounds a bit atypical, I’ll love it!”

Prefered tour spot: “I traveled around Europe and I did enjoy all of it. There’re countries that make me desire to identify more of ’em, such as France, Belgium and Germany. But I too wanna watch South USA, Canada, USA, Asia…long story short, I wanna visit all of the world!”

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Moreen Helm – How many ways can we fill Moreen’s asshole?

How many ways can we fill Moreen’s anal opening?

How many ways can we fill Moreen's butthole?

“I can’t get enough,” told Moreen Helm, a 56-year-old from California. “I love to be filled up with a wang in my booty. Just make sure there’s lots of lube, and I am willing to go.”

In this scene, she’s definitely ready to go. That’s obvious from the outset. This babe tells youthful Rocky that she craves his schlong in her ass. He widens her legs and goes right for her anal opening with his fingers. That babe likes having a finger in her arsehole.

“I have some toys,” she says. “We’re going to play hide the beads.”

Guess where they hide ’em? Then Rocky fucks her chocolate hole with a larger than standard, dark-skinned vibrator. Then this charmer fucks Moreen’s muff and butthole with his bigger in size than typical knob.

Moreen is a Mamma of three. She’s owned an auto detailing business and worked in child care. She’s too been married four times and is currently divorced. She’s a swinger who shags a lot.

“I think I’m plan to stay single this time. I’m having way too much pleasure!”

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