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Our first-ever all-naked interview!

Our first-ever all-naked interview!

Our first-ever all-naked interview!

Here’s a 1st at In fact, it is a 1st for any SCORE Group web page. Kelly Scott, a 54-year-old Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK and GILF from all over the place, receives interviewed whilst absolutely nude. From start-to-finish, this babe is not wearing a thing.

Other than her heels.

And her shaggy cunt.

Her very curly snatch.

It’s one of a few things this beautiful, personable woman-next-door talks about in this wide-ranging interview.

She likewise talks about her travels. As we have said, that babe is lived in a lot of places.

She talks about what it’s love to have sex in Alaska in the dead of winter (and the dangers of bears and moose).

She talks about how that babe ended up at

“I answered a casting call throughout CraigsList,” that babe said. “It said, ‘If you are 60 and still have it,’ and I thought, ‘Maybe they have room for a 50.'”

And we did.

“I remember asking [our adult model recruiter], ‘Do u crave me to shave?’ and this babe said, ‘No, do not do that!'”

No, Kelly. Don’t do that. Don’t ever do that.

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Thick In The Sun

Thick In The Sun

Thick In The Sun

Over the years Jana packed on the flesh and the curves. When that babe 1st started getting pounded and face-fucked, Jana had a natural SCORE figure. When we saw her one time more, that babe was getting a bit too large even for Voluptuous.

Since that time, Jana developed enough bra-meat to rival some of the humongous sweater-stretchers around and sufficient junk in her trunk to make the dedicated ass-men in her neighborhood cheerful bucks.

“Jana, bless her heart, let us have our way with her magnificant gals,” reported TSG editor and blogger Dave. “God-given beauties? Let us inspect! ‘Please take off your bra. We wanna see smth,’ the studio manager told to Jana.

“Jana nodded, got bare, and giggled and smiled as the studio manager proceeded to cosset and detect out her bazookas, searching for tell-tale signs of an augmentation…like we were scientists examining a fascinating discovery. Nothing. No scars, and we looked over each inch of her chest. Closely. Very closely. No bags in these mellons. We rubbed them and lifted them and squeezed ’em. Huge, impossibly firm and sat high and gratified on her chest, Jana’s breasts are, we decided, 100% natural. No silicone added!”

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Poolside Pipe Job

Swimming pool side Pipe Job

Poolside Pipe Job

Looking mouthwatering in her small bathing costume top and cut-off jean shorts, the super-sexy Romanian pixie-doll Lana Ivans approaches Mr. J. Largo. He’s sunning at the pool but his sleepy state is about to end in a pleased ending ‘cuz our little bosom buddy Ivans is horny and needs relief.

Lana wishes some poolside pipe to liven up her boring afternoon and she seeks out the right tool for the right job. Lana clothed up like a nurse final time and now this babe needs another go, this time underneath the tropical sun. For a little cutie, Lana can part her legs very nicely for big wood.

A nice, wholesome-looking girl-next-door, Lana enjoys playing the bad, wicked girl and that babe has mastered the art of acting randy out of really being a floozy. And Lana can’t live without being looked at while she does these rude things, sneaking looks at the digi camera with a bratty, hot expression while Largo plows her milk shakes or stuffs his shlong in her expecting mouth.

A careful balancing act is needed as they bonk on that beach chair but that babe is in nice hands. Lana reaches her Climax. and gets a load for her pleasing mouth as well. Here is a beauty no one could ever tire of.

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The plumbers plunder Rita’s holes

The plumbers plunder Rita’s holes

The plumbers plunder Rita's holes

Rita Daniels, our most-fucked MILF/GILF ever, can not at all get enough cock. This babe is a monster boobed, 66-year-old granny who has now enjoyed two DPs at, enjoyed ’em so much that that babe decided to make the third time happen.

So that babe calls the plumbers to fix a rammed pipe in her kitchen, but as far as they can tell, everything’s working good.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I do not watch the problem,” Peter says, but when that charmer looks up, this fellow is stunned to watch Rita sitting on the counter with her legs widen and her cunt and anal opening rammed with toys.

“I do not need an unstuffing,” she says. “I need a double stuffing from your big jocks.”

Peter and Tony had heard about Ms. Daniels from the other service staff in the neighborhood. They heard about how many times the cable boy has screwed her tight chocolate hole, and a pair of movers have their own tale to tell. Now it’s their turn.

Rita leads the plumbers to the living room bed, where it’s more comfortable, and when the toys come out, the jocks go in. Rita’s great at mouthing balls–it’s one of the first things she did when this babe shot her first scenes for us in 2010–and that babe is expert at riding one dick while mouthing one more. But now this babe is wondering about the plumbers’ prowess.

“You lads willing for a little Dual Penetration?” that babe asks.

Rita had been DP’d only once previous to this babe did her 1st DP. Now she’s done 2 more DP scenes, including an interracial. Told Rita, “When I’m getting screwed in the wazoo and there is a jock in my muff, it shoves the ramrod that’s in my booty right up into my G-spot, and it’s completely epic. I feel like I am intend to enter trance mode. It’s so magnificant to receive the one and the other holes drilled.”

By the way, Peter is Twenty 3 and Tony is Thirty six, so the combined age of the men is far less than Rita’s. Basically, one of the boys who’s DPing her is young sufficient to be her grandson and the other is youthful enough to be her son, and that just turns up the horny factor for this very amorous female who can not at all acquire sufficient.

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Betty Boobs: flexible, ass-fucked BBC toy

Betty Boobs: pliant, ass-fucked BBC toy

Betty Boobs: pliant, ass-fucked BBC toy

In her second scene at, 1990s busty pornstar Betty Scoops takes a greater than run of the mill, darksome pecker up her wazoo and spreads her face hole for cum. This babe too flaunts off her flexibility by locking her legs behind her head during the time that Rob deep-dicks her arsehole. The pretzel ass-fuck position is a favourite of many of us.

Betty is now Fourty five years mature, just ideal. After her breasty modeling days ended, this babe became a nurse, but adore so many girls, this babe missed porn and wanted to receive back into it.

“I was a mama,” Betty told. “They’re all raised, so now it’s mommy’s turn. I was a burn trauma unit ICU nurse for 13 years. I just decided to change it up one time more. Some might say it is a mid-life crisis, but I’ve done it in advance of so it isn’t.”

If you ask us, it’s more of a crisis when vixens adore Betty avoid doing porn.

And she lately started working in a abode of prostitution in Nevada, so now she’s taking care of people’s needs in a different way. Members if you have the chance to screw Betty, please tell us about it in the comments section.

“Nurses are perverted,” Betty told.

Babes who can receive their legs behind their heads whilst getting their booties fucked are definitely perverted.

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Boob Talk With Sandra Sturm

Boob Talk With Sandra Sturm

Boob Talk With Sandra Sturm

Sandra Sturm (“Storm” in German) chats with her SCORE photographer about her background, what her sexual interests are and her massive melons.

A nurse and motorcycle rider who changed lanes to become an all-around porn star and entertainer, Sandra doesn’t speak English. No problem since our photographer is German and translates into English.

“I do not have any fetishes but I love deep-throating large jocks with gagging that brings tears to my eyes. I like sex that is unfathomable and impure. A run of the mill blow job is not sufficient for me.”

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Cat Girl’s Colossal Cleavage

Cat Girl’s Astronomical Cleavage

Cat Girl's Humongous Cleavage

Mischievous Kitty‘s 40G milk cans developed late, and growing up, she was shy about her bosoms. When she hit Nineteen is when her breast growth spurt began. Now her love bubbles are spectacular. Her nipples are pierced.

XLGirls: Are you assertive or passive?

Kitty: I am a little bit of both. It indeed depends on the person I’m with and the situation I’m in.

XLGirls: What gives you a lady hard-on?

Kitty: I love all the stimulation. In instruct for me to have the superlatively worthwhile climax I need not only clitoral and vaginal stimulation but if you add areola and light anal stimulation, I’ll be in pure ecstasy.

XLGirls: How often do u have sex?

Kitty: Off-camera, I am not very sexually active anymore, I have been so busy concentrating on building up my adult life that I haven’t actually had the time to go and identify a hubby to weenie me down on the regular, but when I’m in a relationship or some sort of raunchy agreement, I love to have sex at least each other day if not every day.

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Aubrey Black

Aubrey Black Aubrey Black
Aubrey Black @
Aubrey Dark-skinned is a super-hot realtor…and a self-proclaimed "super fan" of porn. As that babe is finishing a voyage of a impressive home that is being rented, Aubrey makes that confession to the two younger Bulls who’ve been touring the home. They’re surprised…but not also much. It isn’t the first time the Bulls have been recognized. It begins love this: "I know you from somewhere." Aubrey’s a bit worried, too. After the Bulls confess, Aubrey wonders out loud, "Are you boyz gonna rent this place and turn in into a fuck abode? Coz the owners won’t adore that!" The irony here is, of course, Mrs. Darksome is gonna do what these owners do not like: fuck the 2 Bulls right on their couch! This babe is likewise intend to do smth she is NOT AT ANY TIME done before…but fantasized about many times: fucking two bucks at once! Aubrey has always wondered if the Bulls she watches in ribald clips can truly fuck hard, and sure enough — they can! Both young Bulls rail the maturer dominatrix-bitch like Mr. Darksome cannot. She groans. That babe wails. That babe gushes cum out of her inflated vagina! Speaking of her inflated cum-hole, both Bulls dump mammoth amounts of man-juice unfathomable in it…even though that babe warns them: "I’m ovulating!" Not merely don’t they care, they’re gonna to rent their fresh fuck house as well! And Mrs. Aubrey Dark will be seeing them often!
Aubrey Black Aubrey Black
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Latina MILF Must Cum

Latin babe M.I.L.F. Receive to Cum

Latina MILF Acquire to Cum

C.B. writes, “Alessandra Miller is some other magnificant beginner. I like her rock hard teats and fashionable, lengthy hair. She has a fuck-me look about her that I adore a lot. I’d adore to see her love melons flopping more as this babe is being screwed, and I would like to have more immodest talk by Alessandra.”

“The hawt raiment in my shoots are mine,” Alessandra told. “I have a closet full of ’em. I enjoy looking sexy and my preeminent all the time. You won’t watch me looking adore I just woke. I always wear the very tightest skirts and dresses. I adore stretchy tops for my greater than average pointer sisters. I need to wear the highest heels and hot briefs.”

Bolivia’s topmost export Alessandra said she was motivated to receive into undressed modeling and hardcore XXX when that babe 1st saw images and vids of the late Yurizan, her inspiration. Now that babe is living her dream.

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Rita Daniels’ third DP!


Rita Daniels' 3rd DP!

This episode attempts to answer the question, “Why do plumbers acquire all the good muff?”

Really, it doesn’t attempt to answer that question at all. But it does train us a lot of ram.

For example, it teaches us that 66-year-old Mother and grandmother Rita Daniels is one of the horniest hotties ever.

Oh, u already knew that. But did u know that at the initiate of this scene, Rita’s fur pie and booty are filled with toys?

It teaches us that Rita likes young pecker. The guys in this scene are a combined 59 years mature, seven years younger than Rita’s age.

U knew that, also. But did you know that they could barely keep up with her?

It teaches us that very few hotties in the world can engulf and copulate adore Rita.

Yes, we know, you knew that. And the lads know it, also, after their balls have been drained.

And it proves that Rita, the most-fucked 60Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE ever, is likewise the most-DP’d 60Plus Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK ever, having now been DP’d 3 times.

U probably suspected that might happen.

We love Rita. We adore her stylish face. We like her large fullsome funbags and shaved twat. We adore that she’ll do totally everything for our joy.

Coz it is for her fun, likewise.

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Warm Front In Canada

Warm Front In Canada

Warm Front In Canada

“Jiggling keeps me warm in the winter!” happy Canadian Smiley Emma told us. “I stay inside when it is cold out and listen to music, which, again, ‘cuz of where I am from, there aren’t too many wonderful radio stations, so I must listen to my own personal music. I am a bit of a nerd, so whether it’s on the PC, Xbox, even on my iPhone or iPad, I’m usually playing a game. That keeps me occupied in the winter. I’m a kid at heart, so I like to relish. No stuffy, boring ram for me. A lot of clip games, PC games and flashing and jiggling my love bubbles, likewise.”

Tit-fucking is one sport for every season.

“First of all, those wobblers are so larger than average, u do need a fair-sized ramrod or else you’ll get lost in the deep cleavage. I adore to stroke it and tease the head…rubbing it on my nipps and stroking it. I’ve really got a couple of different ways that I can tit-fuck a shlong. I like to start by caressing the rod against my nipples and smacking it against my wobblers a little. Then I’ll receive it good and unyielding with my throat. I adore to tanalize the head of the schlong. Then I’ll toss off the balls while I am engulfing it, just to get u admirable and inflexible.

“Then I like to take greasy oil and rub it all over. I use oil coz u urge your jock to slide in there nicely so it doesn’t receive stuck or everything. Then, when my milk sacks are all oiled up, your shlong will just slip in nice and easy. I’ll wank it to make sure it’s worthy and inflexible. And even if the knob is indeed big, it’ll still be almost gone when it is between my boobies. Then I love to jerk off it up and down with my bra-busters. I have to say that playing with knob is one of my beloved things to do. And ‘cuz these wobblers are so large, I can likewise hang ’em over your weenie and tit-fuck your 10-Pounder that way. And I like being skilled to tanalise the head whilst I am tit-fucking. I adore being professional to do the one and the other at the same time. And u can even tit-fuck me under my bazookas, but it’s just not as much pleasure as the other ways.”

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