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Lena Lewis gets DP’d

Lena Lewis receives DP’d

Lena Lewis gets DP'd

Admirable boys that they are, Tyler and Tony are helping move Lena’s furniture when they walk into her bedroom and watch Ms. Lewis on the couch, legs widen, playing with her snatch. This is no mistake. The bucks were supposed to walk in on her. You see, they’ve been admiring her greater than standard whoppers ever since they moved into the building a year agone, and she’s been fantasizing about their juvenile ramrods. Well, now, all dreams are about to come true.

The boys, recognizing an open invitation when they see one, put down the furniture and turn their attention to Lena. That babe sucks their weenies, 1st one, then the other, then they’re taking turns on her wet crack, and it turns out that her arse is on the menu, too. Well, more than that. Lena has ’em Dual Penetration her–one in her taut snatch, one in the tighter ass–before they cum all over her face.

“I’ve done tons of wild things in my life, and I have an open attitude about sex,” told Lena, who’s 54, divorced and from Germany. “I’m definitely sexually aggressive. Sometimes that scares a boy, sometimes he loves it. Those boyz truly liked it!”

About some of those other wild things Lena has done: She’s had sex on the water closet in the women’s room of a nightclub and whilst riding a educate through Europe. This babe had sex on-camera with porn superstar Ron Jeremy in 1982 when she was merely Nineteen years aged. Lena has been an analyst, typist, cabaret performer, burlesque dancer and bartender. If you’re a stud who can’t live with out handsome babes, she is a worthwhile headmistress to have around.

“I’ll wear sexy lingerie for my man. I’ll wear smth different each evening. I’ll use sweets when we’re making adore. I’ll give him a lot of oral-job foreplay and do a lap dance for him. I’ll cook his much loved foods, serve him breakfast in bed.”

And let him screw her gazoo.

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Tina Lee: From Winetaster To Model

Tina Lee: From Winetaster To Adult model

Tina Lee: From Winetaster To Model

Tina Lee was a wine taster. Now this babe adult models. An ex-boyfriend has a subscription to SCORELAND and it was cuz of his suggestion that Tina is here. Those large tan-lined billibongs draw the eyes love magnets.

“I modeled for about five years in advance of SCORE,” told Tina who lives in Paris and enjoys life in that city. “I don’t know any SCORE adult models but I’d like to meet some of ’em in the future. I have watched some of the girls from my country and they are captivating. I always felt that I would be in priceless company.

“The kind of dates I go on depends on how I feel. I savour a night of candles and champagne. I really adore to soak in a Jacuzzi. Once I had sex with some other dominatrix. That babe was very Big-Boob, love me. I’d love to make like in the Eiffel Tower but that’s a dream that’s not likely to come true.”

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Carla4Garda: Milking The Man

Carla4Garda: Milking The Chap

Carla4Garda: Milking The Man

Wearing stockings and a teddy, Carla4Garda is taking selfies in sofa. This babe pops out one gigantic tit, then the other and shoots her selfies topless. Steve comes from behind and urges to get into the picture too. What that ladies man has in mind is to make hotter selfies. That guy sucks on her teats, smth that always sends waves of pleasure from the tips of her juggs to the tips of her toes.

Still clothed, Steve pulls his exotic dancing club out for Carla4Garda to engulf on. That woman chaser rubs his cock on her milky nipples and screws her throat, pulling her head in closer. Her face hole filled with ramrod, Carla4Garda widens her legs wide to give Steve easy access to her pink, pierced snatch.

Steve buries his face in Carla4Garda’s shaven twat and tongue-bangs her. That drives the Brit bra-buster kooky with heat. Steve may not be a cop but this fellow plans to give this lascivious domina with the immense, soft scoops a dick-down she will not forget also quickly. This chab pumps and pounds Carla4Garda inflexible so she’ll go home to Britain with a smile on her face.

“I love my nipples stimulated,” told Carla4Garda. “It gives me such a beefy big O when I cum. I adore to have sex about five times week. I’ve a sex buddy whom I play with often and we love exploring jointly. My prefered kind of foreplay is nipple play and a lot of oral sex. I have had a hardly any raunchy encounters with cuties. The final one was on holiday. Ended up going out with the bartender of a hotel I was staying in and we partied all night, had loads of fun then ended up in my ottoman eating every other out. She’d by no means been with a hotty in advance of. But I really enjoyed it.

“I’ve had a not many male-male 3somes but I’d not be into a trio with some other cutie and a lad. Not indeed crazy into anal either. I’ve endevoured it a scarcely any times. I don’t acquire how a beauty can cum from it. I do love having my butt eaten out. That’s fun. My sex buddy and I got a butt-plug for me and he made me wear it in public with no belts. That was enjoyment. Of course, I swallow cum when a charmer blows off in my face hole. I like it. I cant be wasting that load now.”

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Today’s special: anal!

Today’s special: anal!

Today's special: anal!

Kerry Martin walks into the ZZ Bar. This voluptuous, 45-year-old divorcee and Mommy is wearing a short, constricted, red suit with a plunging neckline that exposes off almost any of her large, natural whoppers. Her rack is on full reveal! The waiter flaunts up and pours her some water. She makes a phone call and tells her friend, who’s supposed to meet her, about the waiter, who she thinks is hot.

Kerry has plans. This babe tosses out her water and asks the waiter for more then asks him about the specials on the menu. One of them is filet mignon.

“The meat sounds actually luscious. Is it?” Kerry asks. We know what’s on her mind. But does that gent?

“Yeah, it’s really really juicy,” that Lothario innocently replies.

“That beef sounds valuable,” this babe says. “I think I’ll try that option.”

Then Kerry asks him to expose her to the restroom, and when they get there, Kerry pokes him against the wall and presses her knockers against his chest.

“I’m kinda still on the clock,” that woman chaser protests.

She craves to be on that large, black pecker.

That charmer protests some more, but when she takes her love bubbles out, his protests are futile.

“Give me that beef now,” Kerry says.

This babe acquires on her knees and sucks his large, darksome meat-thermometer right there in the restaurant. Kerry’s bald love tunnel is on the menu. Turns out her arse is on the menu, likewise, and this chab fills it with his BBC previous to cumming all over her face.

We assume that was intended to be Kerry’s dessert.

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Lena gets ass-fucked by her neighbors

Lena gets ass-fucked by her neighbors

Lena acquires ass-fucked by her neighbors

Tony and Tyler are helping Lena Lewis, who’s Fifty four, move some furniture and talking about her whoppers. They think that babe doesn’t hear them, but they’re not correct. Which turns out to be a good thing.

“Is there anything else u need help with or are you fine for today?” Tony asks.

“Yes, truly, there is smth else,” Lena says. “I heard you bucks talking out there.”

“Talking about what?” Tony says, trying to sound virginal.

“Do u love larger than run of the mill wobblers?” Lena asks.

Tony fesses up. He’s been admiring Lena’s scoops since they moved in a year ago. So has Tyler.

“Have u lads had any experience with an mature headmistress?” Lena says. “You’re juvenile enough to be my kids.”

“But we’re not,” Tony says. Her kids, this chab means. And those are the magic words.

Lena sucks their dongs. One charmer fucks her face hole while the other bonks her cunt. Then Lena spreads up her a-hole for joy, and the men take turns on her tight, old dark hole previous to cumming all over her face. Actually glazing it!

You could say that Tony and Tyler had a moving experience.

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A new 70Plus MILF…Christina Starr!

A new 70Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE…Christina Starr!

A fresh 70Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE...Christina Starr!

The arrival of a fresh 70Plus MILF is always a big event here at We do not acquire lots of ’em, and when we do, it’s cause for celebration. So let us celebrate, in the superlatively precious way we know, the arrival of Christina Starr. This babe is a 71-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother who was born in New Orleans and now lives in Dallas, Texas.

“My partner has read your magazines for years,” Christina said us. “He thought I’d be consummate for u.”

And that babe is. A fresh 70Plus MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK merits her own week, so call this Christina Starr Week at This day, solo pix. The next day, a solo movie, then the highlight, her first screw photos and vids (with a boy who’s juvenile sufficient to be her grandson) Wednesday and Thursday.

“I’m still as sexual as I ever have been,” Christina told. “I love to be touched everywhere. I love to have a man’s hands on my body all the time. I’m insatiable when it comes to that. I’ve very sensitive areolas and, certainly, my muff. I love to have my clit massaged, and I love penetration. I also adore fingers. I love to be finger-fucked.”

In those pictures, Christina bonks herself with her fingers and a pink toy. Have pleasure. That babe did.

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The Girl From Big Titty City New York

The Angel From Big Titty City New York

The Cutie From Bigger in size than standard Titty Town Recent York

Janessa Loren is a lady who is contented of her big milk sacks. In fact, bigger than standard boobies is an understatement about this beauty from big titty town Fresh York. Janessa’s funbags are titanic. And all-natural.

Our director has Janessa shake and bounce these flesh-puppies during the time that they’re encased inside her underneath garment. He has her use her hand to flaunt how they should be tit-fucked. However, a real man-missile will be between these babies pretty soon.

Janessa’s law: a Lothario needs to know how to properly handle her bra-busters. This chab needs to know how to touch them, how to take up with the tongue them and how to fuck them. A boy who treats her and her love melons love an standard female with C-cups is gonna detect himself out the door quickly!

Since some males in porn appear to be to need instructions on properly handling juggs like Janessa’s, that babe is proactive in teaching lessons on tit-care previous to men can have sex with her. It is not just for ’em, it is for her, likewise. One time Janessa is contented with their boob skills, she’s willing to reward ’em with hot and naughty cock-smoking. Then they can slide Janessa Mr. Pleased and reach enjoyment land.

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Kerry’s ass is on the menu

Kerry’s arse is on the menu

Kerry's butt is on the menu

What’s on the menu today at the ZZ Bar? Kerry Martin‘s larger than run of the mill love melons, dick-sucking mouth, tight, luscious cookie and even-tighter chocolate hole, that’s what. Kerry, a 45-year-old divorcee and Mother from Colorado, is appreciating an afternoon out with out her kids, and she is wearing a constricted, red costume with a plunging neckline ‘cuz that babe craves to attract attention.

This babe does that, alright! The waiter can not avoid looking down her costume, and this babe cant keep her hands off his package. Should they go inside and fuck? Heck, why should they do that when it’s such a alluring afternoon? Kerry sucks his greater than average, black jock right at the table, and that charmer copulates her zeppelins, fur pie and wazoo right there, too.

Kerry is not love majority other chicks. We asked her what she wishes to try that that babe hasn’t, and this babe replied, “Travel the world in a year, fall in love and Dual Penetration.”

Kerry loves anal job, but at first, that babe was a little nervous about trying it in our studio. Previously, this babe had been with smaller lads and she was not sure how a larger than typical porn shlong would feel in her a-hole. There turned out to be no reason for Kerry to be nervous.

“It was fun,” this babe said. “It was great. Jack has a large pecker, and I loved it.”

This ladies man loved her. This chab came in her face hole. If that is not adore, what is?

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Dani Knows The Power of Big Boobs

Dani Knows The Power of Big Scones

Dani Knows The Power of Larger than typical Boobs

Some boys are turned on by the thought of girls getting tats and pierced. Dani Moore had a story about that. In her story, it was the tattoo charmer who gang fucked her.

“I finally got the courage to receive my hood pierced. When I went in, I thought the boy who was doing it was really cute. So when this gent was done, I gave him a tip and I gave him my phone number to give me a call some time. When I was heading home, I got a call from him asking if I wanted to receive jointly. I said, “Sure, I’m not doing anything right now.” So we went to one of the porn stores in city and got into one of the little intimate rooms where u can view clips, and we drilled in there.”

Dani noticed he was turned on by her.

“He had a stiffy the entire time he was doing the piercing. I could not keep my eyes off it. I thought about giving him a oral-job right there, but I thought that may have been a bit also forward. And I did not know if that gent was seeing anyone. But I definitely wanted to suck his jock. The complete thing was actually turning me on. And I knew my vagina was getting succulent, and this smooth operator knew my twat was getting damp, so he have to have known I was turned on.”

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Lena’s tits and pussy show

Lena’s bazookas and muff expose

Lena's pantoons and twat show

Lena Lewis, who’s Fifty four and from Germany, has just come home from work and is talking to her son’s ally, who came over to assist her move a daybed.

“Can’t we do this anew?” says Lena, who obviously has other things on her mind. “Are you looking at my breast valley? Jimmy, that’s incorrect. I’m your most awesome friend’s Mamma.”

But that doesn’t stop her. Within seconds, Lena is unbuttoning her blouse so he–and we–can see her big wobblers.

“If we continue with this, it has to stay a secret,” this babe says. “You will not tell anyone?”

Nope. Nobody but each single member.

In advance of long, Lena’s bigger in size than standard scoops are out of her darksome bra. We must watch her lengthy legs in sexy nylons and her butt. And then this babe lies back and plays with her bumpers and twat.

We not at all actually watch Jimmy, but you can imagine that during the time that watching Lena, that Lothario is doing exactly what you are doing.

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Table-top Titillation

Table-top Titillation

Table-top Titillation

Anika, a blue-eyed Swedish golden-haired living in Arizona, plays raquet-ball, works-out at the Fitness Centre, runs and likes to have plenty of sex to keep her aged body in shape.

This babe is not just a Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK “type.” Previous to she decided to try movies, websites and magazines, Anika was a real-life HORNY HOUSEWIFE. As happens, many sweethearts approach a certain age and a fresh kind of sexual awareness develops and expands. Exhibitionistic sex becomes a larger than standard part of their lives. Not all become glamour models. Some become intimate swingers or sex experimenters. Others become divorcees on the prowl looking for gazoo calls.

“I’m usually the passive sort,” Anika admitted. “Until I get lustful and then I receive aggressive. Then I do not waste time envisaging for a petticoat chaser to make the 1st move.”

When we meet Anika, she is sat in the kitchen having a gulp. She’s bored. It’s the middle of the afternoon. She’s dressed to unveil her slim-n-stacked bod and curvacious legs. This babe needs some pleasure. J.S. arrives to put the f.u. in enjoyment and throws off his shirt, willing for action. Anika takes pride in her dick-sucking skills. Now she can apply those skills. Jarrod cant await to stretch her fur pie balls-deep.

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