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A Russian wife who really loves cock!

A Russian wife who truly can’t live out of 10-Pounder!

A Russian wife who actually can't live with out dick!

“I not at any time run after chaps,” told Natasha Ola, a 44-year-old wife from Moldova (formerly in the Soviet Union) who doesn’t run after the lad in this scene. That ladies man runs after her. Truly, he knocks on her door. That gent is there for his Russian lesson, but this chab cant concentrate on learning a language ‘cuz Mrs. Ola looks so sexy and sexy in her taut suit, which brandishes off her whoppers and legs. One as well as the other are very wonderful. In fact, Natasha fucked for about 10 years agone.

One more reason Natasha has great lgs: This babe is an gogo dancer. U know, a gogo dancer. That babe works at a club in St. Petersburg, Florida, where that babe gives sexy lap dances to fortunate lads and makes ’em cum in their trousers. Tyler, the buck in this scene, doesn’t cum in his trousers. After this charmer fucks Natasha (and she bonks him back), this smooth operator cums all over her marangos.

Natasha lives in Florida. This babe describes her perfect day as “working out at the gym and going out with my husband.” And when that babe goes out, this babe wears tight, hot dresses that unveil off lots of cleavage. She’d love to go skydiving; this babe hasn’t done that yet. This babe is not a swinger, but this babe has rogered other fellows since this babe is been married. A slight in number that we know of, that’s for sure.

By the way, members, stay tuned: Coming pretty soon, Natasha bonks two very juvenile chaps.

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Freshly Oiled Bikini Girl Sofia Damon

Freshly Oiled Bikini Gal Sofia Damon

Freshly Oiled Bikini Cutie Sofia Damon

Now, this is our kind of bathing dress cutie. Bubbly, vivacious Sofia Damon is a goddess who radiates enjoyment energy. This babe is a girl who beams and enjoys being the center of attention.

Beneath blue skies, Sofia heads to the pool to greasy oil down her rich, voluptuous body. Her cushioned skin soaks up the greasy oil. Sofia swings her titanic, enormous bouncy bosoms, turns to reveal the camera her sexy arse and fingers her slick wet crack.

“I adore to expose off my big bust. That is why I wear low-cut tops, tight tank-tops and little bikinis. I costume for my juggs.”

Sofia used to sell phones. This is a much more valuable way to spend her time instead of being stuck being a counter.

“It’s a great thrill for me to model for The SCORE Group. I feel specific that their people traveled to my country to photograph me. I was very impressed by the abode and location they chose. They treated us first-class.”

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Room Sex-Service

Room Sex-Service

Room Sex-Service

The front desk clerk’s dream guest, if he’s a tit-man, is Desiree DeLuca. The chesty, pretty, pale, redheaded, white honey bunny has a lust for a chocolate snack and a inflexible cocktail. That babe phones room service and leaves it up to them. The bell hop arrives with her refreshments but Desiree wants him to stay. That babe is bored just reading her book previous to bedtime. It is nifty with him so Desiree pats the bed and invites him to sit next to her.

Her nails are still juicy from being polished so that babe asks him to feed her some chocolate-dipped strawberries. What this babe needs is schlong relief to help her sleep. The strawberries are not enough for Desiree. That babe wants real chocolate. A big, thick chocolate bar to stretch out her vagina. Sucking on balls. Her mouth rammed with knob. Her breasts getting screwed. His ebon pecker in her vanilla bawdy cleft. Desiree can’t live out of to copulate with her whore-shoes on. Since this chab aims to please his hotel guests, her craves have to be satisfied. This hotel hop prides himself on customer service by pile-driving her on the floor. He jerks all over her white-girl pantoons.

Desiree was published in Voluptuous years agone in the September 2001 issue. That babe didn’t have the billibongs that babe has now. She was on the thin side. A SCORE photographer looking for new girls on Pompano Beach, Florida spotted her and pitched a naked photo discharge. She was with some girlfriends. Desiree went back to Pennsylvania after her one and only shoot (stills, not clip) and wasn’t ever heard from anew until years later.

She contacted SCORE through and sent in some current pics. The veteran editors remembered her. Desiree filled out beautifully over the past decade. Her love muffins are much, much greater and her a-hole is rounder. Overall, her body is much more curvacious.

Desiree didn’t just wanna model afresh for SCORE, she wanted to try sex. This babe even did anal in other movie scenes, her first time at it.

“I wanted to do it 1st and kind of acquire it over with. But what was laughable was that the night before, the studio crew sent me home with these anal toys and they were small. They were miniature wazoo plugs. And then I come in tomorrow and Juan, the ladies man who I had my 1st anal scene with, was astronomical! I identified it kind of humorous that the toys were adore a quarter of his weenie size. But it was not too bad. I liked it.”

And after that, Desiree went full-on porno star which is why we always say we’re like a training academy for newcomers.

Desiree went from a one-shot glamour model in V-mag to adult star fame and is still active. This babe can’t live out of that darksome 10-Pounder and has been rogered by many of ’em since her return.

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Sylvia Bateman Tries The Hands-free Fuck Machine

Sylvia Bateman Tries The Hands-free Bonk Machine

Sylvia Bateman Tries The Hands-free Fuck Machine

Hands-free masturbation is the purpose of the shag machine. The speed of the attached, thrusting sex toy is adjusted by the user. Unlike conventional sex tools, dildos and other mechanical fun givers, a cutie can sit or lie back and let the machine do the work .

Bonk machines are not fresh. They’ve been around for over 100 years. Dr. George Taylor invented the Manipulator in 1869. It was a steam-powered motor with a sex toy used to treat the now-debunked medical condition of lady “hysteria” through “pelvic rub-down.”

Sylvia Bateman had not at all used a copulate machine before. That babe can’t live without her Hitachi Wand. Does that babe crave to give it a go? She finds her pleased seat and begins her experiment. The machine is set at a slow speed since it is her first time. It can move at a fine clip if set high and some of the gals here at XL Beauties have had to dial it down when it was pumping their snatches because it was too intensive.

The copulate machine will not ever replace subrigid males but as a novelty item, it does the job of making a gal cum.

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Bikini, Boobs & Oil

Bathing costume, Whoppers & Baby oil

Bikini, Billibongs & Oil

Tera Cox could win any soaked tee contest she entered.

We once asked Tera what lads say to her that is absolutely the worst thing to say to her (and probably each big-boobed cutie). “You got astronomical love bubbles!” Tera replied. “I get that on a each single day basis and it is the worst turn-off! I know I have big milk sacks.

“When I go out, I try to costume semi-casual with a hint of deep cleavage. Try to know me as a person. I like going on dates that are relaxing and fun, such as a restaurant, just sitting there talking about everything and actually getting to know each other.

“Being sexy is not always how a person looks. It is the way they carry themselves and the way they come off. Everyone has a different idea of hawt. I suppose self-assured and assertive boyz can be very hot.”

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Introducing a brand-new 60Plus MILF from England

Introducing a brand-new 60Plus Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK from Britain

Introducing a brand-new 60Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE from England

“I wanted to do a competent photo-shoot, so I asked my spouse to research it, and this chab found you,” said Caroline Hamsel, a 62-year-old Mom and grandmother from UK.

We’re cheerful this chab identified us. We’re very cheerful that this glamourous, sexy redhead decided to take the plunge, and we’re celebrating with Caroline Hamsel Week at solo images this day, solo clip tomorrow, Caroline’s first hardcore fotos on Wednesday and her first hardcore video on Thursday. In today’s pictures, she shags her mature, tight pussy with plenty of toys.

“The people I know would definitely be surprised to watch me here,” Caroline told. “My family and almost any of my allies do not know what I do.”

Caroline stays in shape my jogging. She enjoys intend to restaurants, dancing and watching clips and TV. We asked her if that babe usually wears knickers, and this babe told, “Mostly no.” What does that babe wanna do that this babe hasn’t done?

“An fuckfest photo discharge and a group-sex,” that babe said. We made a lot happen during Caroline’s visit to our studio in Prague, Czech Republic. Did we make any of these things happen? Stay tuned and view.

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Natasha’s toy box

Natasha’s toy box

Natasha's toy box

“I by no means run after boys. They need to come after me,” told Natasha Ola, a 44-year-old wife who was born in Moldova in the former Soviet Union and now lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Natasha has a sexy little body: just five-feet tall, 102 pounds, D-cup hooters, 22-inch waist, and this babe loves to flaunt it off. Natasha is an hot dancer in St. Petersburg, Florida, and that babe puts the younger gals in the lap dancing club to shame.

This is Natasha’s week at solo pix this day, solo movie scene the next day, fuck pics on Wednesday and fuck clip on Thursday. But it’s not her 1st time getting in nature’s garb or fucking on-camera. Back in 2008, Natasha showed off her handsome legs for Lex Sex magazine and fucked a fellow (the scene is still live at and A description of the XXX scene might whet your appetite to explore further: “Watch him pour syrup all over her legs and taut muff and lick and screw her right on her kitchen counter.”

Here, Natasha screws her taut little snatch with greater than average toys. Very worthy. And the show is just getting started!

When Natasha was growing up in the Communist Soviet Union, she couldn’t do soever this babe pleased, as she’s doing here.

“But I had a glamourous childhood,” she said. “I was Daddy’s girl. Spoiled, everything.” She has a sister who lives in Portugal. “She’s taller, blond. My brother has brown hair, light skin. Solely me, I look dark as hell!”

Natasha’s name, looks and accent remind us of Natasha Nogoodnik from the mature cartoon display Rocky and Bullwinkle. She is heard that previous to. But that expose was for kids. What you’re seeing here is adults-only.

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Briana Black Is A Curvy Pale Babe

Briana Dark-skinned Is A Curvy Pale Sweetheart

Briana Dark Is A Curvy Pale Babe

Briana Dark was encouraged by Sylvia Bateman to contact XL Gals. Sometimes, other XL Girls can be our supreme “ambassadors.”

“Believe it or not, I wear T-shirts 99% of the time when I am not working,” Briana informed us. “I have recently bought numerous tighter tops and one that only has a small button to keep it closed. It not ever stays closed. I am either absolutely covered or flashing the world. I’m truly into the bitch aesthetic so I will be buying more lustful attire, for sure.”

Briana is a witch and a very kinky cutie so maybe she’ll put on a spell on u.

“I love to read. I’ll pick up any book as lengthy as it catches my eye. Currently, I’m loving ‘Thriving In Sex Work’ by Lola Davina. I write poetry and erotica stories for my own personal fun. I love taking long walks around my little city or to the park to ground myself. I also love learning new things so recently I have truly been into studying Wicca and witchcraft. It’s very interesting and I am so unfathomable in my studies of this religion and practice.”

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Valory & Her Twin Wonders

Valory & Her Twin Wonders

Valory & Her Twin Wonders

The ideal day for Valory Irene? Valory knows exactly what she loves to do and where to go.

“My idea of a perfect free day and night…in the morning, I usually exercise. I love to do tons of upper-body exercises and I may run with friends.

“In the afternoon, I may go to the spa and pamper myself. Or I shop. I like to shop. If I hadn’t gone to the mall that one day, I would at not time have become a adult model. It happened by total chance.

“In the evening, I may cook for my family and friends. I also like spending time with my allies out side. We may go to a bar or cafe to have a not many glasses of wine. Sometimes we will go to a nightclub for dancing. I like to dance.”

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The super-busty MILF’s first time

The super-busty MILF’s 1st time

The super-busty MILF's first time

Tyler has shown up to do some work. That lady-killer walks around to the backyard, as he was told to do, and goes to the door. It’s a glass door. This smooth operator looks inside and sees Kaiserin wearing a taut suit.

“Wow. That have to be his wife,” this chab says. “She’s so hawt.”

But she just now spots him, and she’s not happy.

“Your partner hired me to do some work,” this buck explains.

“What do u mean, you fuckin’ pervert? Peeping Tom,” she scolds.

“I just came here to do some work,” he stammers.

“I think u need to be taught a lesson, u little pervert,” she says. “Have u even been with a female my age previous to? How about if I train u a lesson?”

That buck doesn’t must answer. That babe just drags him to the bedroom, throws him onto the daybed, takes out his dick and starts sucking it. She sucks his nuts, likewise, which is priceless, especially the way this babe does it: very lovingly. Then that babe bonks it.

And did we mention that Kaiserin has large milk sacks? And a priceless fur pie?

“That’s a well used pussy,” this babe says as this chab screws her doggystyle.

A well-used pussy: Kaiserin isn’t a swinger, but that babe is a Mommy of 2, and this babe does shag a lot. That babe was born in Ohio and lives in Texas with her boyfriend and kids. She’s 45 years aged. And here, that babe is screwing on-camera for the 1st time.

“I’ve had more fun in my 40’s than glamorous much any other age,” said Kaiserin, who enjoys watching Star Wars vids and is learning how to pole dance. “In my 30’s, I was likewise busy making sure everything was taken care of to worry about having pleasure. Now, beautiful much anything is settled and taken care of, so I can just be me. I am in a place in my life where I don’t acquire to worry about specie or promotions. It is me time now. Now I can be the avid person I was always afraid to be.”

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The Return of Africa Sexxx

The Return of Africa Sexxx

The Return of Africa Sexxx

In an upcoming interview, Africa Sexxx chats with Jose, one of her photographers. It’s been years since they’ve seen every other. The first time we met Africa was in the spring of 2001. The final time we saw Africa was in the summer of 2007. It is been that lengthy ago. This babe prevented glamour modeling and dropped with out sight, forcing us to go on out of her, longingly gazing at her photo on our desks.

Eleven long years later, an email from Africa arrived out of the blue with at-home photos. This babe wanted to adult model anew, looking a lot different yet the same, but boasting 40M-cup mambos. Africa was a super-slim and stacked 32G-cupper the final time this babe came to SCORE.

The TSG employees was gobsmacked over the “new” Africa. Recent, but still the same pleasing, good Africa. As we’ve said before, juggs can swing and hang in 2 different directions. A girl’s bosoms can get smaller or receive bigger in size with the passage of time. Even so, going from 34G cup to 40M is amazing. And Africa loves her bigger in size funbags.

Welcome back, Africa Sexxx.

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