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Anastasia Doll: Dressing The SCORELAND Doll

Anastasia Doll: Dressing The SCORELAND Doll

Anastasia Doll: Dressing The SCORELAND Doll

It’s Anastasia Doll‘s world. We just live in it. The camera was invented for women like her. Any other use is secondary.

Anastasia believes in the philosophy of “Too tight, too short and too low-cut” when it comes to what she wears for photo shoots and for everyday life. She begins this shoot in one of her favorite tight, short and low-cut dresses. She takes it off to measure herself and model her bras, bikini tops and tanks. When the sexy fashion show ends, Anastasia gets into bed with a feather boa wrapped around her beautiful body and pats her pussy.

“I am the kind of girl who wants to be treated like a princess. I am bisexual but I like only very, very beautiful girls like me with big breasts. With guys, I like to be fucked between my breasts and I like the doggie-style position best.”

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Seka exposed

Seka exposed

Seka exposed

What’s 64-year-old wife, mother and granny Seka Black wearing in this scene?

Zilch. Nada. Nothing. She’s 100% naked (not even shoes) from the get-go. Mrs. Black is enjoying a beautiful day by her pool. She plays with her big tits. She lies back and deep-fingers her pussy. Then she turns around to give us a nice view of her broad, fuckable ass.

Seka is special. She’s beautiful. She has a smokin’ bod with big tits and a nice, round, fuckable ass. She’s the epitome of a 60Plus MILF, the kind of woman we’re always looking for.

60Plus MILFs: There was a famous porn star in the ’70s and ’80s named Seka. She was one of the all-time greats.
Seka: Yes, I named myself after her. I had seen her on the porn sites, and my husband pointed her out to me a couple of times and I noticed that we looked very similar, but she had retired, and I started this, and I thought, ‘I love the name and I love the actress,’ so I went with Seka.

60Plus MILFs: So, you used to be a…
Seka: Stripper. I thought it would be a great experience to find out what it would be like to be a stripper, and it was fun.

60Plus MILFs: How old were you when you started stripping and where did you dance?
Seka: I was about 45 years old then, and I danced in Fort Lauderdale at Pure Platinum.

60Plus MILFs: For how long did you dance?
Seka: About a year. I loved it. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved being the center of attention. I loved the excitement of teasing and turning on men, especially black men.

60Plus MILFs: Was your clientele similar to the other girls’?
Seka: Similar, but surprisingly, there were a lot of younger guys, too, who wanted to get dances from me. They loved the way I had my own technique of stripping. The other girls didn’t have as much clothing on. I love garter belts and stockings. The other girls weren’t doing that so much, so it was a turn-on for the younger guys to see a woman like me dressed in sexy outfits.

60Plus MILFs: The first time you gave a lapdance to a 21-year-old guy, were you surprised that he wanted you rather than a younger girl?
Seka: No, not at all. Sex is sex. It doesn’t matter what age you are. When I was dancing up there, I could tell that the way I danced was a turn-on for them. I could see it in their eyes and the way they moved closer to the stage when I was up there. There were some women who were there mainly for the money. I was there for fun. And I guess the guys could tell I was there for the fun because they liked me a lot.

60Plus MILFs: What was fun about it for you?
Seka: The exhibitionism and also the hotter play when we were one-on-one. I liked giving lapdances. I liked the contact and the excitement and seeing the look of pleasure in the man’s eyes. It was all a turn-on for me.

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A big-titted, redheaded MILF who loves to fuck

A big-titted, redheaded MILF who loves to fuck

A big-titted, redheaded MILF who loves to fuck

“I’m a Gemini,” 40-year-old wife and mom Red Vixen said. “Geminis have split personalities. One side of me is a conservative family mom, and the other is sexy and adventurous. Naughty. A little naughty. I like a combination of both, and that keeps my marriage interesting. People aren’t married for all those years with just a blah marriage. You have to have fun, spice. You have to change it up and have something different to keep it going. And the attention I get from other people is exciting for him, too.”

Him…her husband she means. The guy who made this big-titted redhead realize how sexy she is. The guy who pointed her in our direction and completely approved of her coming to our studio and having sex with young studs, such as 25-year-old Rocky in this scene. Rocky loves her breasts, as he should. They’re G-cup naturals, and Rocky sucks them and puts ice on her nipples before his redheaded playmate sucks his dick. Then they fuck and he cums on her tits, which is probably where most guys would cum if they were with Red.

Red told us that her husband brought out her sexy side.

“Then one day, he just started taking pictures of me, just sexy stuff,” she said.

Red is not a porn starlet. Just a woman-next-door with a big rack and a very high sex drive.

“We would have threesomes with other men, and we would videotape it once in a while for ourselves,” Red said. “So, I’ve seen myself having sex on-camera, but I prefer not to. He’s into it. We would tape it ourselves. I had my naughty website for a while. It was just an amateur website.

Here, she gets the pro porn stud treatment. She obviously enjoys it.

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Cameron Skye: Bikini Busting & Banging at XL Girls

Cameron Skye: Bikini Busting & Banging at XL Girls

Cameron Skye: Bikini Busting & Banging at XL Girls

The plan was for you to help Cameron Skye pick out a bikini to wear today. That doesn’t go entirely to plan but works out even better. Cameron’s swimsuits are placed on the couch. Looking super-sexy in her sheer baby doll nightie, a big smile on her face, she walks into the living room where you’re waiting to see her try on those bikinis.

Feed your need to watch Cameron model her tiny swimsuits. The bodacious, cheerful blonde can see in your eyes that you need some hot, afternoon action. She kneels to give you a hands-free blow job with lots of eye contact that makes you as hard as a rock. Cameron has a pretty mouth and cock-sucking lips.

Squeezing your dick between her heavy tits, Cameron wants you to fuck them good. She stands to take off her bikini and spreads her legs wide so you can take possession of her golden-haired pussy and pound her the way you thought of pounding her when she was putting on her bikinis for you.

The harder you shove your cock into Cameron, the more she likes it and the more her big boobs jiggle and shake. When the pressure gets too high to hold back, she’ll make you explode your load on her pretty face with her talented mouth and soft hands.

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Latina MILF’s dance lesson turns into a fuck lesson

Latina MILF’s dance lesson turns into a fuck lesson

Latina MILF's dance lesson turns into a fuck lesson

Welcome to Juliett Russo‘s dance studio, where she does the cha-cha with her students’ cocks. Today, the lucky student is 23-year-old Nade. He’s getting married, but he doesn’t know how to dance. Turns out, though, that he gets very little in the way of dance lessons from this hot, sexy, 54-year-old Latina. Nade never learns how to dance, but he does get a lesson in what to do on his wedding night. Although if we were in his shoes, we’d ditch the fiancĂ© and keep going for dance lessons.

By the way, Juliett told us, “I’m a teacher. I worked as a teacher in my home country.”

That would be Venezuela. These days, she lives in Miami. She’s divorced. She’s a mom.

“I usually let a man make the first move,” said Juliett, who definitely makes the first move here. “But after a certain time, I will make the first move, too.”

The last time she was here, Juliett had sex with a 26-year-old, so the guys are getting younger. We asked her if she’d ever had sex with a much-younger man before coming here, and she said, “Yes, I have. He was a friend of a friend whom we hang out with. At the end of the night, we ended up in a hotel. He was the first young guy I had sex with.”

Milan was the second. Nade was the third. Noticing a trend?

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Driving Miss Silver

Driving Miss Silver

Driving Miss Silver

You’re driving down the street on a beautiful, sunny day, SCORE dude. You turn to look to your left. Then…WOW! Great tits and ass alert! The hottest girl you’ve ever seen is strolling. She’s wearing a tightie-whitie t-shirt, and tight, high-riding denim booty shorts. She’s got that special walk all girls get when they wear skyscraper stripper heels. Then you recognize her! She’s Alexis Silver, the British porn mega-star. You’ve jerked many a load out watching her suck and fuck.

You pull over to greet her. She comes over and you chat her up. She invites you over to her friend’s place where she’s staying and tells you she’s got a butt plug in her ass to prepare her anus for a video tomorrow. “A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets,” Alexis points out. You get to the house where you enjoy a hot fuck with this vixen.

She’s got energy, a dirty British mouth and an overflowing enthusiasm for sex; a woman who loves a no-strings afternoon of hot and heavy pussy and ass-banging. She strips naked, leaving the heels on, and starts by putting on a little show for you. Your eyes shift to the butt plug stretching out her asshole. In a few minutes, your swollen dick will take its rightful place in that ass.

She sucks your prick hard, playing with your balls with an underhand stroke, something many girls are not trained to do when they are first taught to eat cock. She gives you the deepest deep throat, not that bullshit head-sucking routine. Alexis slurps to the root. You bone her asshole in missionary and the tightness of her anus feels unbelievable as you bore in and out. It’s a good thing you brought your camcorder because you can relive this unforgettable time with Alexis for years to cum.

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Ludwiga Von Tease: Is She Really A Busty Tease?

Ludwiga Von Tease: Is She Really A Busty Tease?

Ludwiga Von Tease: Is She Really A Busty Tease?

Czech pornstars Ludwiga Von Tease and Steve Q. get raunchy and sweaty in a breast-bouncing, pussy-pounding scene. It’s also a balancing act because they do it on a chair from start to finish.

Voluptuous blonde Ludwiga is sticking a vibrator in her pussy as Steve watches from the side. He definitely likes Ludwiga because he gets stiff just watching the shapely, mature bra-buster. She puts his boner in her throat and stows away the vibrator the second he approaches her. Her slurping blow job leads to a lusty tit-fucking. An impressed Steve gives Ludwiga a pussy licking as repayment for her throat job.

Fucking in a chair can get tricky but Steve and Ludwiga have no problems having a balanced banging. They switch positions so Ludwiga can sit on him and bounce up and down, driving the cock in deeper into her well-fucked cunt and making her big knockers slap loudly against her chest. He name may be Von Tease but she is no tease and she was definitely grateful.

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Payton Preslee

Payton Preslee Payton Preslee
Payton Preslee @
It’s Payton’s Special day and she is doing it her way. The wedding plans are all set and she made sure some special guys were coming as well besides her little dicked husband. The Preacher is a big man in all ways and so is her witness Jon Jon. When it comes time for her Husband to Honor and Obey her he does it on his knees and is quickly shown how things will be from now on in this marriage. She pulls the Preacher over with his big cock and sucks it looking right into her husband’s eyes and her Witness Jon Jon is quick to get his dick out as well. They take her right there in the church with her wedding dress around her waist still. Her Husband of course thought they would only do this in private but Payton wants Alex to know she is in charge from now on.

Payton Preslee Payton Preslee

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Nicol Mandorla, 61, fucks herself

Nicol Mandorla, 61, fucks herself

Nicol Mandorla, 61, fucks herself

Nicol Mandorla, a 61-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from the Czech Republic, is back for another week of action: solo today, fucking Thursday. She’s wearing a super-sexy, very revealing outfit with a black bra, panties and stockings. She strips out of that outfit, shows off her tits and very nice ass and then fucks her slightly hairy pussy with a dildo until she cums.

In addition to getting off and fucking, Nicol enjoys running, yoga and gardening.

She loves “young meat.” She means cock, of course.

Her perfect evening: “A delicious dinner, a sensual body and feet massage and good sex. I am a romantic person. Every date must be full of candles.”

She says the people she knows would be surprised to see her here because “I am not an extrovert. But I’ve enjoyed doing this like nothing I have ever done before.”

It shows. Nicol has a very sensual way about her, and when we watch her, it’s as if she’s forgotten the camera is there.

“It is a lot of fun to be able to do something like this,” she said. “Most women at my age cannot.”

Most women her age don’t look like Nicol.

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Natasha Sweet’s Big Tit Training

Natasha Sweet’s Big Tit Training

Natasha Sweet's Big Tit Training

It’s workout time for the incredibly stacked Natasha Sweet. Natasha’s personal trainer Dom has the sultry, sexy Euro-babe jog on a treadmill while he charts how Natasha’s bodacious boobs bounce and bob. Personal training takes on a special meaning with Natasha. When that part is wrapped, he stretches out Natasha, having her lie on the floor legs pointing at the ceiling so he can hold her by the ankles and pull her legs apart to stretch her inner thighs.

Natasha wears no panties under her workout skirt and that gives Dom an eyeful of the Sweet pussy. Natasha would like a little more of that inner thigh stretching, but first things first. Natasha sees that Dom is hard at work during their training sessions.

Sitting on a nearby couch, Miss Sweet decides to see just how hard Dom is, and being assertive, she pulls down his shorts. Natasha appreciates a man’s unflagging attention to her and runs her tongue over his flagpole, then pops it in her mouth and sucks hard, her heavy boobs resting on her thighs.

The ultimate cock worshiper, Natasha buries his dick between her deep cleavage. She gets on her back so he can straddle and tit-fuck her. After sucking some more, Natasha gets on her knees and elbows so Dom can stretch her ass cheeks apart and fuck her from behind. Her tits squish against the couch and her nipples harden as his thrusts into her pussy make her hotter for more. Their sexercise routine even includes the inner thigh-stretching pile driver pose, a position that Natasha handles with the greatest of ease.

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Red Vixen, busty bikini MILF

Red Vixen, busty bikini MILF

Red Vixen, busty bikini MILF

Red Vixen is a busty mom from South Carolina whose husband encouraged her to model for The SCORE Group.

“My husband made me see that I was sexy, that I wasn’t just an 18-year-old with boobs,” she said. “Then one day, he just started taking pictures of me, just sexy stuff. Clothes on. Then flashing, bare-breasted. He liked that kind of stuff, and then I started thinking, ‘Oh, I do look kinda good.’ And I remember one day he asked me, ‘Have you ever thought about modeling?’ And I was like, ‘I’m not the kind who models because you think of tall women, thin women. He was the one who told me about a modeling site, so I found it and opened an account and started doing more modeling with photographers in the area.”

Red has been a big favorite of the SCORELAND members, and now we’re presenting her at for the first time. In this scene, she’s sitting by a pool, wearing a bikini that shows off her big, natural tits and putting on lotion. She shows off what she’s got then goes into the pool and gets her hot body all wet.

Later this week, Red is going to fuck a guy who’s a lot younger than her.

And about those tits…

“I’m not afraid to go without wearing a bra,” Red said. “I like to be sexy but not over-the-top. I try to keep it classy but sexy. I don’t ever want to personify the hooker look. I don’t want to wear heavy makeup or wear a shirt that’s cut down so low that my boobs are exposed, but I’ll wear sexy short shorts and little wedge heels. My sexy tank top with a bra or no bra. Anything I wear seems to emphasize these bad girls. I catch both men and women checking me out. I don’t mind it at all. In fact, I find it flattering.”

By the way, Red’s husband reads TSG magazines.

“He was reading your magazines when I was dating him!” she said. “I was so pissed off. I thought it was insulting. I’d find these magazines, and then he was starting to do Internet stuff, and I thought, ‘This guy is jerking off to all these chicks but he isn’t jerking off to me.’ It was an insecure thing. ‘Jerk off to me. Don’t jerk off to other bitches.'”

Now Red’s hubby and the whole world is jacking off to her.

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