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Bhiankha: The Sexy Clothing, Oil and Lactation Show

Bhiankha: The Sexy Clothing, Oil and Lactation Show

Bhiankha: The Sexy Clothing, Oil and Lactation Show

Bhiankha‘s tits are big enough that she’d be a Voluptuous Girl even if she wasn’t the greatest milk-squirter we’ve ever seen,” wrote Vmag editor Dave in Volume 27 No. 6 of the magazine. Bhiankha is all that and more, much more.

In this scene direct from Bhiankha’s bedroom (where we would like to move into if she had the space), beautiful Bhiankha tries on some of her sexy outfits by her mirror. All of them show off her fantastic boobs, booty and legs, including a pair of Daisy Dukes and a tight, short dress. Bhiankha doesn’t own any clothing that’s not sexy-hot. She has the slim and naturally busty body that drives everyone crazy. After she puts on and peels off three outfits, Bhiankha claps and squeezes her pliable breasts, and rubs and tugs her very thick, long nipples.

A star at self-sucking, Bhiankha works over her tits with her lips, oils her tits and ass, and fucks her pussy with a thick dong while she squeezes her nipples to squirt out streams of breast milk. As Bhiankha pumps her pussy, she continues her milking and self-sucking, drinking some of the nipple-nectar that hasn’t dripped down her chest. She’s a special girl who will never leave you high and dry.

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Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson

Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson

Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

“I love this new lingerie set,” 50-year-old Ginger Robinson, aka Mrs. Robinson, says at the start of this scene. “It makes me feel so pretty and so sexy. I love the way it sits on my nipples. It makes me feel so horny, too. And my pussy’s wet, too.”

We’re going to find out how wet.

“My nipples are so hard,” she says as she runs her fingers over them. We can tell.

Before long, Mrs. Robinson takes out one of her favorite dildos, shows us her flexibility (getting her legs very far back) and fucks her pussy with the toy. She gets on all fours to fuck herself, too, and all along, we get nice views of her pussy and tight little asshole.

“I look like an average woman when I’m not filming,” she said, although we know that’s not true. We’ve seen her driver’s license photo, and she’s well above average. “Black leggings, T-shirts, hoodies and a baseball hat are my daily go-tos.” Oh, she means the way she dresses. Well, again, we doubt she looks average no matter what she wears.

Ginger is divorced. She’s a mom.

“I’ve been told I am a MILF and a cougar even though I don’t only like men who are younger than me,” she said.

But she does like men who are younger than her. She is, after all, Mrs. Robinson, and Mrs. Robinson is the character played by Anne Bancroft, who seduced and fucked her best friend’s son in the 1967 movie The Graduate. Ginger and a lucky guy are going to have some fun with that movie later this week, so stay tuned.

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Best of Britain

Best of Britain

Best of Britain

Ellie Roe is a woman of varying interests. One of her more surprising interests is that she’s a big wrestling fan and watches WWE events as often as she can. She’s not just a hottie, she’s a super-hottie.

“I like to keep things interesting in the bedroom,” Ellie said. “I like dressing up in leather and whatnot. I’m also into spanking and a little bondage, too. It’s a fun opportunity for me to be the one to take control.”

Ellie still has a few items to check off her fuck-it list, though.

“I’d really like to have sex outdoors. It could be in a park or just a public place. A bathroom or a dressing room would work, too. The fear of getting caught would make it hot.” Ellie is also into girls and her first time was with an older woman. “She really had her way with me. I loved every bit of it.”

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Meet a new MILF with great tits and ass

Meet a new MILF with great tits and ass

Meet a new MILF with great tits and ass

“I love getting older,” said newcomer Katlynn Keys, who turned 40 this past February. “I have more knowledge and experience. Getting older, you’re still in a great category. With the younger guys, you’re the cat’s meow.”

With her beautiful body (and spectacular ass), Katlynn is the cat’s meow for guys of any age. That’s why she’s here for the first time, telling us all about herself and wearing a fishnet body stocking. Her tits are DD-cups. Judging by what we’re seeing here, her nipples are perpetually hard. Her ass is a peach. Her pussy is perfect, and she shows us her favorite way to get off: with her fingers.

“It’s these [her fingers], my mind and that [points to her pussy],” Katlynn said. “If I have those three things, I don’t really need toys. It’s not that I don’t like them, but typically I just masturbate with fingers and that works for me.”

It works for us, too.

More about Katlynn:

• She was referred to us by Jamie Foster, who fucked for in 2017. “She had great things to say about The SCORE Group,” Katlynn said. Of course. We know how to treat our women.

• She was born in Michigan and lives in Los Angeles.

• She’s a swinger and a nudist. Has been for about eight years.

• She was a cheerleader in high school (no surprise with her looks and body).

• She enjoys fitness, jogging and napping.

• And she “absolutely” does not wear panties. She’s not wearing them here. And she won’t be wearing them Thursday when she fucks on-camera for the first time.

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Blast from the past: Georgette’s first fuck photos

Blast from the past: Georgette’s first fuck photos

Blast from the past: Georgette's first fuck photos

In a blast from the past, the great Georgette Parks sucks and fucks a young cock in what was her first hardcore scene ever. We first laid eyes on Georgette in 2003.

“I remember sitting in the archive room with SCORE Group chief John Fox, reviewing sets at the end of the day, when we came across a photo set of Georgette that an outside photographer had sent in,” recalled editor Dave. “At the time, we were still assessing the market for mature women. There were no such things as and We suspected that a lot of our members felt, ‘The older the better,’ but we weren’t sure. When we looked at Georgette, we thought, ‘She’s a very beautiful, very sexy woman, but is she too old?’ We ended up buying the set as a way of answering that question, and the rest is history.”

Georgette was an instant hit. The next time we shot her was in our studio on July 14, 2005, when this scene with Anthony Rosano was shot. A swinger in real life who enjoyed being watched while having sex, Georgette was a natural. The setting for this scene was also a natural because Georgette was, indeed, an interior decorator.

“I’m living in a clothing-optional community in Florida,” Georgette told us. “It’s a really nice resort. People jog and ride their bikes naked. They play tennis naked. When I’m at the house, I’m naked, but if I’m going to go out, I have to put clothes on to go out of the gates. If I walk around the neighborhood, I’m naked or I just put on a little wrap, and that’s it. And when you go to dinner or the nightclub, we basically dress in clothes, but usually sexy clothes and they come off pretty quickly!”

Georgette became the first mature model in our history to have an entire movie devoted to her, Sexxxty Something. In addition to her photos and videos, she penned a regular column in 40Something magazine, also called “SeXXXty Something,” in which she chronicled her swinging adventures. Golden years stardom was something she’d never envisioned.

“It’s funny, but I have had others ask me about being in 40Something and been shocked that they found me,” she said. “I have been at the mall or grocery store and seen guys stare at me and smile. I’ve always wondered if it’s because they recognize me from the web or magazine or if they are just flirting with me. I had another guy tell me he’s a big fan of mine.”

This is the only Georgette scene in the TSG archive that has never before been presented on Enjoy!

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Alyssa’s Sexywear Show

Alyssa’s Sexywear Show

Alyssa's Sexywear Show

Going through the bedroom closet, Alyssa Lynn picks out several tight sexy dresses and checks herself out in the mirror with each change of outfit. After picking out a purple number, Alyssa spanks her pussy.

There are two main differences between the video of the scene and this pictorial.

The video is filmed voyeuristically, as if we are spying on her as Alyssa dresses and undresses, and she masturbates in bed. In the photo set, Alyssa acknowledges the camera in most of the pictures and she ‘bates in a chair, eye-banging the camera. With her slim and stacked body, Alyssa could easily be a model in a stripper-wear catalog.

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Tracy Licks, spread for you

Tracy Licks, spread for you

Tracy Licks, spread for you

“In my younger years, I sold real estate, which I enjoyed very much,” 50-year-old Tracy Licks from Tampa, Florida said. “Then I was a stay-at-home mom for many years while my children were younger. As they grew, I had a few part-time jobs to accommodate all of our busy schedules, and now I have been working at home on my website. I used to be a soccer mom by day and a horny housewife by night, but now the kids are all out of the house and I can do whatever I want!”

Like fucking studs in our studio and wearing sexy lingerie and putting on a tits, ass and pussy show for all of us to see. That’s what she’s doing here. Talking dirty, too. Tracy is a beauty with a great body, and she loves spreading her pussy.

“Is it nice and wet?” she asks.

Heck, she has her fingers in it. She should know!

“I’ve had a lot more than one gang bang,” Tracy said. “With other girls, we’ve taken on 15 or so guys, but by myself, I want to say maybe eight, and that was a pretty good turnout. We did it in an apartment in New York City. We had a combination of white guys and black guys, not really too young but middle-aged. Everybody was nice and hard, and it was very fun, and I got absolutely covered in cum by the end of the night. Blow jobs, hand jobs, fucking…we were doing it all.”

What would you like to do with Tracy?

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Marco Has It In For His Boss Roxy Royce

Marco Has It In For His Boss Roxy Royce

Marco Has It In For His Boss Roxy Royce

Roxy Royce is the head executive of a bra and tank top business she’s built with her own two huge tits. She’s an imposing presence around the office. The male employees stare at her when she walks around the building and the females get jealous. Today, Ms. Royce wants to speak to her employee Marco about how he dresses at the office and not wearing a tie. Marco thinks it’s the end for him but it’s actually the beginning of a happy ending for the two of them.

Roxy’s title is Chief Busty Officer and Marco is about to find out why she’s called the head executive. Marco gets the green light to make a play for Roxy when she puts her hand on his junk and rubs it to feel how big it is. When Marco unbuttons Roxy’s blouse, he goes crazy over her massive boobs. Roxy’s an expert at sucking cock, as well as hands-free and fantasy tit-screwing. She and Marco turn the office into a fuck palace.

“My husband and I were both business executives, so we tended to be very discreet, but now I’m doing this, so I guess a lot more people are going to see me, which is fine with both of us,” Roxy told us. “I’m proud of how I look and he’s proud of his wife.”

Roxy likes fit, hung and handsome guys. In her spare time, she likes to pole dance or go to the beach. She’s not a swinger or a nudist.

“A huge cock satisfies me. I like to have sex daily and sometimes twice a day. My fantasy is to have my own private cock and cum party.”

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Suki Ski’s Yoga Bare Boobs Class

Suki Ski’s Yoga Bare Boobs Class

Suki Ski's Yoga Bare Boobs Class

Milan is trying to meditate while he waits for yoga instructor Suki Ski to arrive for his first lesson. And what a lesson he’s going to learn. Young Suki is not just very flexible. She’s blessed with huge, beautifully-shaped breasts and a very sexy body. Milan might as well give up his plan to have a tranquil meditation and yoga session because any guy would pop his cork over spectacular Suki in her tight top and yoga pants.

Suki apologizes for being a few minutes late and starts to show him some moves, but as she bends forward, her boobs keep falling out of her top. The last thing in any man’s mind now would be properly executing yoga poses. No, you’d be thinking about yoga bare sex positions with this luscious lovely.

Suki sees Milan is sprouting wood. Before her lesson can really get started, Suki stops and de-pants him. When she sees what he’s packing, she plays with it and makes him as hard as a pipe. She goes south on Milan’s dick and sucks it worshipfully, a pose not described in any yoga guides. Hard cock and big tits are natural workout partners. They alternate between hot tit-fucking and Suki sucking him with juicy blow jobs, which propel Milan into a state of nirvana.

Milan fully undresses Suki and puts her into a position that’s similar to a traditional yoga pose. It’s called the downward doggie-pump position and is just the first of several yoga bare poses teacher and student will work on.

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Tits? Big. Pussy? Pierced. Ass? Fucked.

Tits? Big. Pussy? Pierced. Ass? Fucked.

Tits? Big. Pussy? Pierced. Ass? Fucked.

“I love to show off my multiple pussy piercings every chance I get,” said Holly Claus, a stripper from Key West, Florida who got into porn when she saw one of our Models Wanted ads. “I’ve thought about doing porn for years. I just never did anything about it. It was only a matter of time before I decided to take the plunge.”

Holly gets off on anal sex with real cocks and the Doc Johnson kind. Does she masturbate? “Two words: fresh batteries,” was her answer.

“I went out and bought myself a stainless steel butt plug from this boutique sex shop in town,” she said. “It has a jewel on the end, so it looks really pretty and feminine.” As for her pussy piercings, she said, “When I bring a lucky guy home on a date, it’s always fun to do a strip tease and peel off my panties to reveal my hidden treasure. Their eyes bug out really wide!”

Holly’s piercings are on full display in these photos, first when she’s getting her pussy eaten and especially when she’s getting ass-fucked cowgirl-style, legs spread and pussy on full display.

“My sexual fantasy is getting on my knees and taking care of an entire group of guys at a bachelor party,” she said.

We see no reason at all why she can’t live out that fantasy. Any volunteers?

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Raising Kane with Renee

Raising Kane with Renee

Raising Kane with Renee

Today, 60Plus MILF Renee Kane, who fucked on-camera for the first time in her life back in early April, shows you how she likes to start her day: by making herself cum. She’s wearing a tight, sexy, leopard-print dress, stockings and high heels.

“I love to be watched,” said Renee, who’s from Detroit, Michigan. “I like cameras, I like videos.”

But until her ex-husband suggested that she do this, she’d never been the star of a porn video.

“I wasn’t in that mindset,” said Renee, who’s a hairdresser. “I was doing different work. It wasn’t part of my life. I don’t watch porn. I’m not married, so I don’t live with somebody whom I’m exposed to porn with. I didn’t even give it a thought.”

Renee is 5’5″ and weighs 130 pounds. She enjoys kayaking, swimming with her dogs, yoga, Pilates and ballet.

“I don’t normally wear panties,” she said. “I don’t like them much. If I do wear any, I’ll wear thongs for easy access for men.”

Isn’t that nice of her?

“The way I dress in public is very preppy and classic. I find it sexy and timeless and it seems to attract a lot of attention from men and women, and I like attention.”

She came to the right place.

“My fantasy is being a temporary secretary at a high-end law firm, walking in in the morning and seeing a really nice man sitting at his desk and wearing a suit,” Renee said. “He’s kind of excited to see me, and I tell him I heard he lost something under his desk yesterday and I would like to help him find it. Then I crawl under his desk, undo his pants and give him a fantastic blow job while he loses his mind.”

Coming this Thursday: Renee demonstrates her blow job technique on a big, black cock.

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