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Your Cock In Sirale’s Mouth & Pussy

Your Cock In Sirale’s Mouth & Pussy

Your Cock In Sirale's Mouth & Pussy

Sirale is a doe-eyed, busty brunette who can get you off with her mouth, big boobs and pussy. Any way you want it, she does it. She’s a very talented girl with a hot rack and she enjoys a dirty ride.

This SCORE video is a virtual fuck. Shot in P.O.V., it’s your cock banging Sirale. First Sirale will give you a boob show, flaunting her natural, very large tits. She squeezes and lifts them while staring straight at you. Then you give her cock and she sucks it, again staring at you wide-eyed with your dick in her mouth.

Totally nude, Sirale lays back on the bed and spreads her legs wide open. You rub the head of your prick against her cunt-lips and clit. She’s ready, so shove your cock into her and start fucking while she screams in pleasure from her pussy getting filled to the brim.

Sirale’s very open, in all ways, and is equally open about explaining what she likes to do with a guy.

“Cock size is important,” says Sirale. “The size determines if I have an orgasm during sex or not. I like a fat top on a penis and no foreskin. I like to look into a mirror when I fuck but I’d prefer best of all to watch my partner and see how he reaches his orgasm. When I do not have a man friend over my apartment, I will have orgasms with my vibrators, vibe rings and Venus balls. I am asked if I watch porn videos at home. Occasionally, yes, but if I do, I like to be alone. Sometimes I talk dirty when I have sex, sometimes I don’t. It depends on my mood.”

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Busty & Lusty

Busty & Lusty

Busty & Lusty

Alessandra Miller is heading home when Carlos Rios calls out to her. He can’t let her walk past him without trying to meet her. She turns and asks him what he wants although she already knows. He wants her and she likes that idea. She likes a man to take the lead and be the boss.

The hot Latina invites him to her place where they don’t waste any time. Carlos is all over her like glue and strips her down. He sucks her big, tan-lined hooters and plays with her pussy, warming her up for the big beef bologna.

We doubt there is any guy who could resist the urge to pipe Alessandra’s tits and slip the head of his dick into her waiting mouth if they were in Carlos’ shoes right now.

When they start fucking, Alessandra really jacks up the heat levels. She loves all positions but says cowgirl is her favorite. Riding him like a pony, Alessandra bounces on Carlos to the point of explosion. After he thoroughly fucks her and finally pile-drives Alessandra, she kneels so he can bust a nut on her face. She deserves every bit of fun he is determined to give her.

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Bianca: a very fit cougar

Bianca: a very fit cougar

Bianca: a very fit cougar

The woman you’re looking at is 59 years old and will turn 60 on February 22. Amazing. The women at are always very well-preserved, but Bianca a mother of three and grandmother of three from Quebec, Canada, takes it to a different level. There are women less than half her age who would beg for her body. Of course, we’re begging for her body too…to fuck it and have our way with it, like a lucky stud will on Thursday.

But today is all about our introduction to Bianca. This beautiful, sexy blonde is wearing a short and sexy sweater dress that shows off her long, shapely legs. She’s wearing red high heels, too. And eyeglasses. Very nice.

“Just imagine your hands running over my body,” she says. “Start with my legs if you’re a leg guy and then all the way here if you’re a butt guy and then, of course, if you’re a boob guy, I think you’re gonna like that because they’re pretty nice. I like them, and so far, no complaints.”

None here.

“Nice and soft,” she says. “Not too big, not too small.”

Bianca takes off her dress and reveals that she’s wearing matching black bra and panties. She has jewelry in her belly button, too, and you know a MILF is confident about her body when she gets her navel pierced. Before long, everything has come off except her heels, so Bianca fingers herself then fucks herself with one of her favorite toys. We get great views of those nice tits and her perfect ass.

“I was a police officer for 17 years,” Bianca told us.

“I’m pretty open about what I like sexually. Just about anything.”

Fucking guys half her age…getting her pussy eaten…sucking cock…eating cum. Bianca does it all, stay tuned.

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Joslyn James, Tiger’s ex, comes to 40Something

Joslyn James, Tiger’s ex, comes to 40Something

Joslyn James, Tiger's ex, comes to 40Something

When we asked 43-year-old Joslyn James if she gets a lot of attention because of her big tits, she said, “I get a lot of attention because I’m pretty.” Well, that, too. And in 2009, Joslyn got a lot of attention worldwide because of her affair with golfer Tiger Woods. The New York Post even published the raunchy text messages Tiger had sent to Joslyn.

We have to give Tiger a lot of credit for good taste in women (and Joslyn wasn’t nearly as busty then as she is now). But Tiger isn’t the only interesting part of Joslyn’s past. After graduating college, she became a teacher.

“A guy once said to me, ‘You look like my fifth-grade teacher.’ It turns out I was his fifth-grade teacher!” She got into adult entertainment in 2007 while dating a porn star. Since then, she has done over 200 movies and scenes, and in 2021, she ramped up her rack and came to the attention of The SCORE Group. We asked her if she dresses to emphasize her tits. She said, “They’re big no matter what I wear.”

Joslyn enjoys playing volleyball, tennis and basketball. Her hobbies are cooking and baking. Among her special talents: “I’m double-jointed.” She has appeared on such television shows as Dr. 90210, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, The World Series of Poker and Inside Edition.

Today, Joslyn models a collection of micro-bikinis and uses a big toy on her pussy and clit. Later this week, she’s going to fuck. No, not Tiger. Somehow, we think he’d no longer measure up.

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Kash Bella: A Good Time With A Hot Girl

Kash Bella: A Good Time With A Hot Girl

Kash Bella: A Good Time With A Hot Girl

Kash Bella has a hot date with Nicky Rebel. While Kash checks herself out in a mirror, and likes what she sees, Mr. Rebel gets impatient. Kash enters the bedroom where he’s waiting and proceeds to blow the pants off him before climbing on top and fucking him.

A girl with many sexual hobbies, Kash listed several: Findom (getting guys online to give the female dom money), goddess worship, domination and submission and something called SPH (small penis humiliation). Yes, there are men who pay a girl to make fun of their small penises.

Kash also likes girls.

“I have had a handful of experiences and I have enjoyed it a little more each time. So erotic and passionate, there is nothing like the touch and pleasure that you can get from sexual female energy.”

And the all-important spit or swallow question:

“Unless I get to have the nut in my pussy, then I actually prefer to have it on my asshole, face or titties.”

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Kiko Lee’s Happy Ending Party

Kiko Lee’s Happy Ending Party

Kiko Lee's Happy Ending Party

Kiko Lee gets a firm grip on cock, and no softer, better-trained hands will a man ever find. She can milk every drop of fucking cum out. Her big tits are another way Kiko drains a man’s coconuts.

If a SCORE Girl fucks any well-known people, she usually doesn’t talk about it. Kiko was not so reserved. She talked about meeting baseball great Pete Rose.

“I was walking around Vegas shopping. He had his manager and one of his bodyguards come get me, and they said, ‘Pete Rose wants to meet you.’ I was looking at them like they were nuts, and it turned out that he did. So I figured, ‘Why not?’ even though he’s a lot older than me, so I met him and talked to him, and that night we went to dinner. Then we went back to his condo and had sex. He can do some things good. He can eat pussy well.”

Pete’s girlfriend is a Korean former Playboy model, 39 years younger than him. He has a good eye for the hotties.

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Halcyon Gold and her kinky toy

Halcyon Gold and her kinky toy

Halcyon Gold and her kinky toy

“One time I went to a movie with this guy and about 30 minutes into it, I told him I would be offended if he didn’t let me take him back to the car and suck his dick,” said 52-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Halcyon Gold, who’s back for her second round of action at “I did, and when I was done, I climbed on top of his lap and rode him really good!”

You have to love a woman who’s actually offended when she doesn’t get to suck your dick and fuck you, especially when that woman is married. But Halcyon, who’s from a small town in North Carolina, is not your average woman. Not at all.

“I wouldn’t really classify myself as a swinger, however, me and my partner have always been open about our wants and needs,” she said. “There may have been a time or two where a friend may have come over and we were drinking some wine and I pulled her pants down and started eating her out.”

So, yeah, she’s into cock and pussy.

“I masturbate pretty often. I have such a huge variety of toys that I haven’t even tried them all out yet. But when I’m home alone and the mood hits, I definitely take care of myself.”

She takes care of herself in these photos. She has a multipurpose toy that fucks her pussy and rubs her clit simultaneously. Meanwhile, her nice tits are out and her nipples are rock-hard.

What sexually satisfies her best: “I would have to say being fingered while getting my clit rubbed.” And her pink toy does just that!

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Holly and the handyman

Holly and the handyman

Holly and the handyman

What’s a woman like Holly Kiss to do when she has no hot water and no heat? She calls Johnny, aka Big Johnny, to help her, and he’s got what she needs. Meaning he can fix her heat and water and a whole lot more.

She’s got what he needs, too. Holly, who’s from England, takes out her big, firm, fake tits, and suddenly, just like that, his attention switches from the kitchen sink to her body, which is very hot but can still use some warming up. But do they go to the bedroom? No. The living room? No. They do it right there in the kitchen. Why? Because that’s where they are, and they’re so horny, they don’t have any inclination to go somewhere else.

Holly gets on the floor to suck his cock, warming it up just right, then she gets up on the counter so he can finger and eat her pussy. When her pussy is ready, he bends her over the counter and fucks her from behind, but the action is just beginning. After some more deep dick-sucking, Holly bounces on his cock, and after he fucks her from behind and then doggy-style on the floor, he cums on her ass.

Looks like he got the job done. Looks like Holly is very happy.

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Demora Avarice: Tank Top Stretcher

Demora Avarice: Tank Top Stretcher

Demora Avarice: Tank Top Stretcher

Maybe you’re one of those guys who does a few different things while you’re logged into XLGirls. Maybe you’re sneaking looks at work while doing the old keyboard-toggle routine. But watching Demora Avarice work out in this scene will probably compel you to just focus on what she’s doing. If you feel boob drunk, so be it.

XLGirls: So you get a lot of titty-fucking?

Demora Avarice: I do enjoy it and so does my husband, but I think, honestly, I enjoy it even more than he does. He thoroughly enjoys it, but for me, I think it might be the sensitivity of my breasts. I don’t know. I just love it. I like the way my breasts go back and forth and jiggle when I’m getting tit-fucked. Playing around with them. I guess it’s something for both of us.

XLGirls: What’s your favorite sexual position?

Demora Avarice: I like it from behind.

XLGirls: Besides being a model, what job have you had the most-fun doing?

Demora Avarice: Being a bartender.

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Mad Over Madison

Mad Over Madison

Mad Over Madison

Out in the big bad world, is Lily Madison shy or assertive with a guy?

“I’m not afraid to make the first move. I’ll hold his hand. Try to kiss him. If I like a guy, I’ll let him know it. No sense waiting around. Sometimes I can be uncomfortable around people I don’t like, but apart from that, I’m confident.

“I love my breasts. I can’t imagine having smaller breasts, and I do like them on other girls, too. Having big breasts makes me feel womanly. I don’t mind showing off my body at all, but I also don’t put it all out there. It’s already out there enough!”

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Halcyon fucks again, P.O.V.-style

Halcyon fucks again, P.O.V.-style

Halcyon fucks again, P.O.V.-style

In these photos, 52-year-old wife, mom and grandmother Halcyon Gold sucks and fucks your cock. She sucks your balls, too. The action was shot P.O.V.-style, so you can imagine that you’re the man fucking this very hot MILF.

50Plus MILFs: Have you ever had sex with a much-younger man?

Halcyon: Yes. In fact, my husband is 16 years younger than me!

50Plus MILFs: Do you like to be watched when you’re having sex?

Halcyon: I do, but there’s that special kind of feeling where I have sex out in public and there may be someone watching who I don’t know about and we may get caught.

50Plus MILFs: Sexual encounters with other women?

Halcyon: Tons!

50Plus MILFs: Do you initiate sex or wait for the person to make the first move?

Halcyon: It’s gone both ways in my life, but I definitely am not afraid to let someone know when I’m ready.

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