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A Load of Cum For Cute Cassie Cute

A Load of Cum For Cute Cassie Cute

A Load of Cum For Cute Cassie Cute

I don’t care for anal sex or fingers in my ass, and to have sex with more than one man does not have interest for me,” Cassie Cute noted on her bio. “I’m too shy to have sex in public, like at a park or in a car. I have only kissed a girl. I have not had sex with a girl. What I do want to try is sex on a swing. This looks fun.”

Frenky doesn’t want to fuck Cassie with another guy in the mix. He wants the girl, her hot lips, big tits and pierced pussy all to himself. Just one-on-one. Frenky is not going to win any awards from the ladies for his face but his boner will make Cassie cum, so she is eager to get fucked.

He watches Cassie feel up her breasts, her face showing her fascination and pleasure. Jumping on the couch, Frenky gets hands-on and Cassie helps him get undressed. (In the video version, Fraeky flings his clothes off before leaping on Cassie and giving her his dick to suck and tit-fuck.)

Cassie gets a lot of compliments about her curvy body. She’s a swimmer and keeps in shape that way, plus it gives guys an eyeful. She cums best using her fingers and likes fucking in the doggie-pose. Her favorite kind of foreplay is getting lightly bitten on her back. Not the ultra-glam type, Cassie thinks of herself as an everyday girl.

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