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Alexsis Faye Will Make Your Day

Alexsis Faye Will Make Your Day

Alexsis Faye Will Make Your Day

A one-woman film studio, Alexsis Faye does it all. We caught up with busy Alexsis, now with blond hair and still as sexy as ever.

SCORELAND: Alexsis, it’s very nice to see you again. Have you been able to enjoy your passion for travel since the last time you were at SCORELAND?

Alexsis: I had to cancel some of my trips but I managed to go this summer to Bulgaria to get some nice tanning and enjoy a cocktail next to the beach. Also with so much staying inside the house, I felt the need to go outside and enjoy nature, walking through the forest or visiting local attractions around my area like the Berca Mud Volcanoes and The Living Fires of Lopatari.

SCORELAND: Those locations are like alien planets. Do you still indulge in gardening when you are not shooting?

Alexsis: I am still gardening and enjoying the chili peppers I am growing this time.

SCORELAND: Are there girls at SCORELAND you are impressed with?

Alexsis: Yes, I follow some of the SCORELAND models and I have my favorites. I like blonde girls with blue eyes so the ladies I like are Dolly Fox, Angela White, Angel Wicky and Katerina Dubrova.

SCORELAND: You mentioned last time that the step-mom role play was popular with your fans. You look much too young for this fantasy. Why do you think it’s a big request with some of your followers?

Alexsis: I was surprised too that I started to get requests like that. But sometimes I am asked to do this role play on webcam shows even four times a day, so I started to get used to it. More uncanny was my role play as a 78-year-old grandma!

SCORELAND: Alexsis Faye, always a pleasure to see you.

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