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Amara Romani

Amara Romani Amara Romani
Amara Romani @
Amara Romani is in a relationship with a degenerate gambler. You have probably known one in your life. All they appear to be to actually care about are things love the "over/under", the "money line"…the favorites and the "dogs". And how to profit off it all. Amara’s guy just had a terrible weekend, and this chab owes The Man "five dimes". Amara doesn’t know what that means, but that babe knows what five thousand dollars means, and she knows her fellow doesn’t have it. The boyz coming to collect know it to, and instead of getting a beat down, Amara’s ladies man has offered up Amara’s jaw-dropping oral job skills, her constricted, pink cum-hole, and her her petite little backdoor as a way to buy some more time. They’re plan to take him up on the offer, and why not copulate Amara right in front of her smooth operator? Remember, he is a degenerate, so he’ll sit and look at and jerk his dinky as the two have their way with his lady. After they’re done, he’ll drop a load on Amara, just for being the superlatively worthy girlfriend ever!

Amara Romani Amara Romani

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