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Amora Lee: Breast Dreams Come True

Amora Lee: Breast Fantasies Come True

Amora Lee: Breast Fantasies Come True

Amora Lee has the face and body breast dreams are made of. A nurse by vocation, Amora adult models part-time. “I Googled u boyz because a friend had said me, when I was thinking of getting a reduction, to do some adult modeling with my wobblers, and I was adore, ‘No way!’ but then one night I Googled ‘big-breasted models’ and u boyz popped up.” The word “reduction” has filled us with dread for many years. Fortunately, Amora decided to email us numerous photos. Even though this babe was fully clothed, we knew. Anybody up there loves us.

Amora was married for 13 years to an butt stud who wasn’t a boob lover. That babe had not at any time been tit-fucked. That guy never played with her milk cans. That skirt chaser not at all motorboated her. That gent not at all lost a load on them. We can therefore conclude that her ex not ever bought our magazines or joined SCORELAND.

“My fullsome funbags are very heavy. I remember once telling my ex-boyfriend, ‘Can you just lift my zeppelins up coz my back is killing me.’ When they’re lifted, there’s a sense of weight that is lifted off my shoulders.”

Naturally, Amora attracts tons of attention and the occasional comment.

“I get that a lot, and I not ever respond. I just keep walking. If you come at me politely in a precious way, then I’ll say, ‘Thank u.’ But I’ve had some jerks. And I get hotty’s looking at me as well, which is bonkers.”

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