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Fresh arrival Amorina lives in Romania, home to many SCORE and Voluptuous Beauties in new years. She’s a ally of a longtime favorite here!

SCORELAND: How did u investigate about The SCORE Group and why did you figure out to glamour model?
Amorina: My almost any fascinating and breasty ally Joana told me and encouraged me to pose. I’ve admired her for a lengthy time and I wanted to try it myself!”

SCORELAND: How do u stay in shape?
Amorina: I do Pilates and go to the Health Exotic dancing club and I like to play basketball and swim. I like to ride my bike when the weather is not also kewl and not likewise hot.

SCORELAND: Tell us about your zeppelins.
Amorina: I love my mangos and I adore to costume to brandish ’em. My breasts stick out and even if I suit in loose tops they would still be noticed. But I definitely like to wear feminine hot clothing that unveil their shape.

SCORELAND: What about bras?
Amorina: I wore bras in my SCORE photo shoots. I do not truly wear bras too much. When I’m home, I adore tons of time to be without anything on my bumpers, not even glamourous clothes. I adore to touch my bosoms and garments can click this link the way sometimes!”

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