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Anastasia Doll: Bikini Dream

Anastasia Doll: Bikini Dream

Anastasia Doll: Bikini Dream

Take a few swimsuits, add a swimming pool and a bottle of breast cream. Then add one Doll. What do you have? You have bikini dream Anastasia Doll. In this pictorial and video, Anastasia is a wet dream. She’s one of the very few SCORE Girls from France. They’re difficult to find, and we’re talking over 25 years of searching.

In and out of the pool, creaming her sleek body and big tits and rubbing her pussy, Anastasia is sweet eyecandy. She’s a sex-fantasy babe who inspires members to pen the one-word comment, “More” in all of her SCORELAND scenes. Sometimes it’s “More, please.”

“Shooting photos and videos is my main interest, my hobby and my pastime,” Anastasia tells us. “I love to make love to the camera.”

Spoken like a true Frenchwoman. Vive les boobs, as we say at SCORELAND.

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