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Andi Peacock Starts The Day Off Right

Andi Peacock Starts The Day Off Right

Andi Peacock Starts The Day Off Right

Andi Peacock is showering and getting ready to go to work when Mr. Peacock interrupts her. He’s in need of some wifely attention. Ever-smiling, Andi gets dressed and walks into the bedroom to say she’s heading out but he talks her into showing him her big, heavy tits, then into tit-fucking him, and then into sucking his cock and balls. While they’re at it, Andi still has some time to fuck and squirt before her office meeting. Andi will need to shower again once they finish because she gets covered in his nut juice after their hot and heavy sex.

“I usually have sex three or four times a week but it depends on what’s happening,” Andi said. “I’m usually sexually passive but I can be assertive if the situation is right. I love it when a man knows how to pleasure me and can make me cum. I love teasing, kissing and gentle touching.”

Hot wife and sexy swinger Andi talked about her squirting abilities, blow jobs and anal.

“I love squirting. I can squirt from lots of different positions. In missionary and on top. I enjoy giving blow jobs. I tend to spit out the cum but I have swallowed. Anal is not my thing. I dislike the feeling. I don’t mind licking or fingering.”

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