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Anna Beck – Oiled Up, Ready To Fuck

Oiled Up, Ready To Fuck

Oiled Up, Ready To Fuck

A rub-down can be very fleshly. Honestly, we don’t think we are brawny for careers in rubdown therapy because of how fleshly it can be. A parade of alluring hotty’s walking into our spa or studio every day asking us to rub fragrant oils into their skin would lead to some acts that would be deemed unprofessional in most massage studios. Luckily for our friend Tom Holland, he’s an XL Beauties masseuse and all of these acts are not solely permitted but encouraged. Especially if the client you are working on is Anna Beck. Tom is very handsy with Anna as in a short time that babe takes a seat on his massage bed. This stud starts their session by massaging her chest and deep cleavage doggystyle.

Moments later, Anna lies down on the daybed and the enjoyment begins. Tom massages body lotion into Anna’s stupendous M-cups. Anna’s areolas harden a bit and it’s clear that this is gonna be one rub-down that comes with a cheerful ending.

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