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Ariane Saint-Amour’s Latex Wonderland

Ariane Saint-Amour’s Latex Wonderland

Ariane Saint-Amour's Latex Wonderland

During a trek to Canada, the SCORE team arranged to meet fetish and cosplay star Ariane Saint-Amour again in Montreal. That babe is out all night, sleeps all day, but the timing worked.

In this scene, Ariane opened her closet and picked out some of the wild, colorful Latex clothing she loves to slip her very slim, very breasty body into. She has the flawless figure for this style of exotic-wear. Ariane has added some more skin art since the final time this babe appeared at SCORELAND.

“Being massaged and thinking of how much that person is being distracted by my looks makes me feel so hawt,” Ariane said. “Anything involving me and Latex. I love to wear tight Latex, elegant cocktail dresses, not showing skin but shapes and letting others imagine how much more worthy it would be if they unwrapped me.”

Ariane says she’s demure. If this babe sees anybody she finds alluring? “He had more worthwhile take the 1st step ‘coz I’ll be lazily sinking into the floor.”

If the dark brown Québécoise is wrapped up in any of the skin-tight garments in this discharge, she’ll have more than one lad taking that 1st step.

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