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The Bigger than run of the mill Boob Owners Manual is a secret dossier most breast dudes not at any time heard of. It gets passed around to chesty gals who carefully guard it and not at any time speak of it. According to SCORE magazine editor Dave, the BBOM covers many areas concerning the common brassiere, the garment that holds the things we like so dear. That woman rig likewise known as the tit-sling aka the hooter-holster aka the breast-basket.

The Manual encourages large-breasted vixens to regularly go for undergarment fittings and make a video copy of it. The Manual encourages large-breasted angels to not favor one brassiere and to wear their bras on a rotating basis, at not time wearing the same bra more than two days in a row “unless u drilled some stranger final night, wound up at his apartment and had no prepossession but to wear the same brassiere the next morning.” The Manual too craves chicks to go braless once in a during the time that, and, to quote the Manual, “Put the top down one time in a whilst and let them hang free and feel the air.”

The Big, Big Bra Brandish stars bra experts Ashley Sage Ellison, Lily Madison, Karina Hart, Elle Flynn, Ivy Darmon and Jennica Lynn trying on a series of brassieres and doing their topmost to induce a state of boob-drunkenness in anyone who watches this movie. They will not at any time admit to following the guidelines of The Bigger in size than run of the mill Boob Owners Manual. They’ll even tell u it doesn’t exist. But we know more valuable.

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