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Ass on the Ave

We live in a world of convenience and we love what we urge, when we want it. For sample, when you desire a worthy, wet burger, u can just pull in to your local drive-thru and order it. If you crave to pick up some prescriptions, u can just mosey on over to your local pharmacy’s drive-thru and acquire your meds. So why not incorporate that into how we receive ass? How convenient would it be to just pull up to a corner nearby and dictate up some wet cooze to go? That’s exactly what this skirt chaser does. This stud pulls up to choco-licious Stacy Adams, working her wares on the ave, and that gent says, “I’d adore some mocha poon to go, please. And a side of bumpers, also, super-sized. Thank you.” And that babe jumps into his car and then on his knob in the motel a scarcely any minutes later. And when he’s done with his quickie, that woman chaser tells her to book and that’s ‘coz just love fast food containers, hookers adore Stacy are disposable. Doesn’t that sound quick and elementary? You betcha. All hookers should be quick and elementary.

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