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At Home With Princess Pumpkins

At Home With Princess Pumpkins

At Home With Princess Pumpkins

“I am a dirty girl in bed,” the amazing Princess Pumpkins said. Besides her huge toy show on video, Princess sent us some photos. “I definitely like it rough. Like the kind of rough that says ‘Don’t let go of my throat without a safe word.’ I don’t want to be able to sit when someone is done with me.

“I live to please and nothing gets me going more than when my man and my woman–I have both–just let me pleasure them. The best thing anyone can do for me is just let me do what I’m best at and put a smile on their face.

“People do like to do things for me because I’m cute, I have huge boobs, and I am always super appreciative of it. The way to treat me is always be honest. Just the right combination of pervert, asshole and loving father figure to help me with those daddy issues.”

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