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Barbara Angel – Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

General Barbara Hotty is looking for a scarcely any fine chaps when she sees Intimate Thomas Lee cleaning his rifle barrel. It is time to see just how worthy this charmer is. His rifle is indecent so he’s got to drop and give her ten.

This babe finds vodka in his duffel bag. Another infraction. That’s punishable by imprisonment. The Intimate entreats her for forgiveness. Since the General is an hotty of leniency, that babe relents and pushes his head between her humongous scones. The General likes that. She too loves a hard tongue and a rigid pecker in her throat and her muff. Since this babe is a hawt dark brown with a actually voluptuous figure, Private Lee has no problem with screwing his way with out the stockade. This smooth operator is a little nervous at 1st but the General commands him to engulf her nipps. That always gets her peaks vertical sufficient to give a charmer a black eye. That charmer can’t disobey a direct instruct.

No one else is in the barracks so they can go at it hard and loud. If the General and the Private cant fight, they might as well copulate! The moral of the story is always try to receive a lady commanding officer in your platoon.

“Every time I have a scene, I try to figure out what to do to make it more mind blowing than before,” says Barbara. “I remember every one I make and how wanton I am and I desire the guys who view my clips to enjoy me.”

We’d love to serve below this General. And on top and sideways, her humongous bra buddies swinging and bouncing.

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