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Barbie Busts Into SCORE

Barbie Busts Into SCORE

Barbie Busts Into <i>SCORE</i>” title=”Barbie Busts Into <i>SCORE</i>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=Barbie Kelley is the wife of a longtime SCORE browser. This gentleman has kept each issue of SCORE and Voluptuous mag ever published so we’re talking 20 years of devotion to big pointer sisters. That Lothario and Barbie are mega-fans and like the adult models. Mrs. Kelley has a hawt bod herself so Mr. Kelley has his own SCORE glamour model at home. Now it’s official cuz Barbie has joined the League of Remarkable Big busted Housewives of SCORE. This peculiar exotic dancing club boasts such curvacious and chesty members as Diane Poppos, Kelly Christiansen and Jayden Prescott. They took some snaps of Barbie at home bare and in heels and sent them to Now Barbie can call herself a member of the League too. And Barbie doesn’t just pose in her birthday dress. This babe went for a grand slam with Mr. Kelley’s blessings and did the deed with a accomplished stunt-cock. Mr. Kelley traveled with Barbie and got to explore the internal sanctum of the SCORE building first-hand. This was their dream and now it is reality. Barbie enjoys her bigger in size than typical bouncy bosoms and enjoys showing ’em off. “If I’m going out, I usually wear a brassiere. Around the house, all bets are off and you’ll be lucky to discover me in any raiment if I’m home.” Mr. Kelley is a lucky Lothario as well as benevolent to his boy-friend SCORE Bucks coz realistically, how many boys are this generous? “I am a very erotic being and I relish sex seven to eight times a week,” Barbie says. You’ll be seeing her specific talents in her debut SCORELAND clip “Barbie Busts Into SCORE.” A second clip “Barbie Kelley’s SCORE Initiation” is now playing at Thank u, Mr. and Mrs. Kelley!

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