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Betty Boobs: Former Stripper Now A Hot Mom

Betty Boobs: Former Stripper Now A Hot Mom

Betty Boobs: Former Stripper Now A Hot Mom

Rion is walking home when Betty, his buddy’s mom pulls her car over and offers to give him a lift. She has some clothes to deliver for Rion’s mother and if they’re similar to what Betty is wearing, a short skirt and tank top, it’ll be sexy outfits. Rion has noticed before that his bro’s mother likes to wear clothing that shows off her body and big tits.

Rion carries the clothing basket in for Betty. No one is home. Rion doesn’t know who Betty was when she was young but he’s going to find out. She’s just as super-flexible now as she was over 20 years ago when she was SCORE model and feature dancer Betty Boobs. Rion will find that out too.

Betty debuted in March 1997 SCORE magazine in a photo shoot filmed at the London studio and did a XXX scene with the British porn star Marino. After that, Betty was photographed on-stage for the “Caught In The Act” section in November 1997 SCORE. Betty retired from dancing and modeling, married, raised a family, divorced and became an ICU nurse.

For those who wonder what SCORE and Voluptuous models do after they leave adult entertainment, Betty provided some answers.

“I just decided to change it up again,” Betty said in an interview. “Some might say it’s a mid-life crisis, but I’ve done it before so it isn’t. I love sex. Sex is a lot more enjoyable now. You relax more. It’s more fun. They say when you hit 40, sex gets better, and I think it’s so.”

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