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Big-titted, boobylicious mom fucks her son’s friend

Big titted, boobylicious Mama copulates her son’s friend

Big-titted, boobylicious Mom fucks her son's friend

We asked Billi Bardot, a 41-year-old, monumental titted super-mom from North Carolina, if she ever noticed that her kids’ friends used to hang around her house a lot.

“That has been a problem,” Billi said. “My oldest son didn’t care for that very much. Our abode has always been the hangout abode, and I love most of all to know what my kids are doing and who they’re doing it with, so we always had a abode full of kids, but one day, I was taking love tunnels without the oven, and my son yells at his friend, I guess they were 15 at the time, ‘Are u looking at my Mommy?’ And that caused a little bit of a problem. My son hit him. There was blood!”

There’s no blood in this photo discharge, Billi’s second fuck at Her son’s not around, so Billi takes matters and her son’s friend’s meat-thermometer into her own hands…and mouth and love tunnel. That skirt chaser cums all over her bazookas.

What do you adore majority about having big funbags?
Billi: I don’t even notice ’em majority of the time. I just adore how they’re comfortable and squashy, and when I’m bored, I always have smth to do. I always have somewhere to put a drink. They come in handy. I was in a home improvement store and carrying around a Red Bull and I didn’t have anywhere to put it during the time that I looked at stuff, so I just stuffed it right there.

And all of a sudden there were a bunch of boys around you trying to help u out.
Billi: That kinda happens at Home Depot and Loews. They kinda follow me around, contemplating.

When was the final time u were in a store that you had to wait to be helped?
Billi: I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait to be helped.

In this scene, Billi helps herself.

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