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Welcome to the office of Dr. Brooklyn Follow, Sex Therapist specializing in deviant raunchy behaviors. That babe is unlicensed and didn’t earn a high school degree in everything remotely close to psychiatry or psychoanalysis, but that’s certainly not stopping her! Brooklyn’s got a bevy of clients likewise, and they all love her work. Take Jay the Cuckold, for example. Jay’s so embarrassed, this woman chaser doesn’t know this chab is a cuckold — yet. But you are about to witness Dr. Search give Jay his diagnosis, as well as her unusual treatments! "Once you admit you’re a cuckold, the treatment can start!" Dr. Chase declares. After that babe works on Jay to admit to various humiliating things, she’s plan to reveal Jay what that ladies man cant have. And after that, view Dr. Seek up-sell Jay the Cuck with some advanced, radical therapy — namely, bringing 2 well-hung darksome chaps into the office to take all 3 of Dr. Chase’s holes! After that, it’s Double Creampie Clean-up Therapy for Jay…along with payment options for future cuckold sessions!!
Brooklyn Chase Brooklyn Chase

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