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Brooklyn Springvalley: The Body Stocking

Brooklyn Springvalley: The Body Stocking

Brooklyn Springvalley: The Body Stocking

“I love to shake my tits and jiggle them,” said Brooklyn Springvalley, who’s poured into a black body stocking in this photo shoot. And we love to watch that.

“My husband said to me, ‘You don’t have to seduce me. We’re already married.’ And I was like, ‘But I can do all kinds of things with them!’ And I grab my tits and he grabs them and we squeeze them all the time. It’s great!” Brooklyn feels hot and sexy in whatever she wears. She favors the low-cut top look that gets her loads of attention.

“It doesn’t matter how I dress, my tits going to stand out no matter what, and normally I wear a fitted T-shirt, anyway, so they’re noticeable. I really don’t pay attention to whether people are noticing me, but I’ve definitely seen people looking. I was at the store getting some groceries, and there were these three young men pushing a cart, and they were staring at me and pushed their cart into a giant display of candy and almost knocked everything over!”

How many guys does it take to push a supermarket cart anyway? One to push the cart and the other two to look out for girls with racks like Brooklyn has.

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