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Cameron Skye – Oiled Boobs & A Fire Crotch

Oiled Mounds & A Fire Crotch

Oiled Bouncy bosoms & A Fire Crotch

Cameron Skye likes to greasy oil, man cream and massage her big wobblers. This invigorating hobby and personal care activity helps to keep them squashy, smooth and pliant. A tit-man could look at a goddess like Cameron do this for hours until his eyeballs glazed over. Breast massaging is too a healthy activity. It helps the circulatory system in many different ways and is even touted as a method of stimulating boob growth. So, Cameron, keep up the admirable work and keep fondelling.

Cameron talks about getting her milk shakes massaged in her hypnotic, sexy voice. She’s a fan of visiting spas where that babe can get her hooters massaged (by a woman workers, in case you’re wondering.) This might be a priceless career to look into.

Cameron peels off her hot pink outfit and undies to unveil her freshly grown-in bush. Cameron calls her ginger lady pie a fire crotch. It took Cameron approximately three months to grow it out. This was done for all u fans of twat beards who complain about bald beauties.

“Nobody has hair anymore,” says giggly Cameron who was smooth and hairless her first time at SCORELAND. “Nobody has a fire crotch. Not even hair.” True sufficient. Hairless coochies are in those days.

Cameron reveals how she takes care of her fire crotch. It’s love putting out a fire with gasoline. Seeing her do this should spark a fire in your own crotch.

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