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Candy Kat: An XLGirl Who’s A Pussycat

Candy Kat: An XLGirl Who’s A Pussycat

Candy Kat: An XLGirl Who's A Pussycat

Candy Kat gives us the impression that she’s girlfriend material. She and were made for each other. At 50-32-46, we have to agree. Her pink-purple hair gives her a living doll-like look.

“It is very difficult to find a bra in my size (36H),” Candy said. “Usually I have no choice between styles but I prefer sports bras for everyday wear and romantic lace for love nights.”

Candy got very domestic and did the dishes, the ironing and vacuumed as soon as the camera rolled. She’s a natural on-camera…very photogenic.

“I love attention. I love gallant men. It’s always nice when a man turns around after you or compliments you. I love men with an athletic body with hair on their chest. It’s sexy. I also love scent in an erotic sense. I love people who smell good, food, flowers, the smell of the forest and other things. Scent is very sensual.”

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