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Caroline’s pay-for-play DP session

Caroline’s pay-for-play Dual Penetration session

Caroline's pay-for-play Dual Penetration session

Caroline Hamsel is a hooker. There, we said it! What we mean is that in this scene, Caroline–a wife, Mama and grandmother–is a 62-year-old street hooker dressed in a very sleazy outfit. This babe is wearing a fishnet costume, a leather jacket and knee-high leather boots. She’s smoking a cigarette. Yes, that babe has the appearance of a cheap bitch. That is exactly the point.

In any case, Caroline is expecting for her next trick to expose up when not one but 2 boyz approach her. Yes, she’s accessible. “DP?” Why not? So they go back to her hooker pad and get their money’s worth, screwing her mouth, pay-for-play cum-hole and tight whore backdoor with their larger than average, unbending schlongs in advance of DP’ing her, filling her cookie and wazoo at the same time. Then they cum all over her face. Caroline eats some of the cum and lets the rest oozes down her chin.

And we’re plan to bet that five minutes later, Caroline was back on that same street, looking for more strangers to screw.

By the way, the boys banging her are Twenty nine and 26 years old, meaning their combined ages do not equal Caroline’s.

Scenes don’t get hotter than this one, especially when there’s a 60Plus MILF involved.

Caroline in an English female-dom. She’s 5’4″ and weighs about merely 122 pounds.

We asked if she’s changing sexually as she receives aged, and she said, “Definitely. I am becoming more sexually confident. I have been with a lot of younger chaps, some as young as Nineteen. I like their energy and hard schlongs, and they seem to like me, which is very priceless.

“I have lots of sex, sometimes 15 or 20 times a week, including with my boyfriend, so I am getting even more experience. There are not lots of vixens my age I know who have sex as much as I do. They don’t know what they’re missing. I’m finding that I’m becoming hornier and more-sexual as I get older. My husband can’t keep up with me!”

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