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Casca Akashova: Man-eating Husband Stealer

Casca Akashova: Man-eating Husband Stealer

Casca Akashova: Man-eating Husband Stealer

Casca Akashova‘s brother-in-law Nicky is home alone and watching TV in the middle of the afternoon when someone knocks on the door. Waiting outside is his porn star sister-in-law Casca. She’s dropped by to see her sister Daisy Akashova and didn’t phone before she drove over, so she doesn’t know Daisy is out. It’s a good thing he was just watching a game show and not jerking off to a SCORELAND video.

Casca tells Nicky she’ll wait. The way she’s dressed turns Nicky’s brain to mush and he can’t stop staring at her impressive cleavage mounds. He’s the kind of man who talks to a woman’s chest, the kind of guy that inspired the tank top slogan, “My face is up here.”

Casca wants to see the house. The guided tour ends at the bedroom. Casca sees Nicky is an easy conquest, a sucker for big tits and decides to fuck him right then and there. She pushes him on the bed and rips his pants off. Not worried about her sister coming home unexpectedly, Casca doesn’t bother taking off her tight dress and sucks his dick for a while before telling him to undress her.

Lying back naked with heels on her sister and brother-in-law’s marriage bed, Casca opens her lovely legs so Nicky can tongue-bang her pussy and warm her up for the dick. Casca gives Nicky head and licks his balls, showing why she’s praised worldwide for her blow jobs and cock-sucking lips. Hot for the main event, Casca sits on Nicky’s pole and fucks him.

They’re taking a big risk, but lust is blind.

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