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Cassie Cougar is quite a beauty. This babe is 5’10” with mind blowing curves and G-cup funbags. She is originally from the East Coast but relocated to Arizona. That babe is divorced and has one kid. That babe was a secretary, then a lap dancer, then a comedy brandish co-host, then a secretary another time. Now that babe is trying out porn, and she is liking it more than she contemplated to. Cassie is a down-to-earth Mamma who lives a low-key lifestyle. But we’re bringing out–or bringing back–her wild side.

Fourty something: U were a comedy show co-host?
CASSIE: Yes. Years agone I was working as a dancer, and these lads came in looking for girls to do foxy boxing. Through that I met this person who was into stand-up comedy, and I started doing his comedy flaunt. I was his co-host. We had a public access cable display. We used to go on journey. It was kind of a big deal for about 2 years.

40something: Where was this?
CASSIE: In Fresh York and Recent Jersey. It was mostly public access back in the day when they had community channels.

Fourty something: What were u doing as his co-host?
CASSIE: I’d bring up the guests. I’d do interviews. I would be on the panel. I did a lot of jumping and bouncing and saying “Yaaay.”

Fourty something: So u were a hawt co-host.
CASSIE: Yeah. I’d wear skin-tight dresses, high heels, low-cut tops, bikinis. I had lines and there was tons of improv. It was fun.

40something: So u were on TV and doing all this stuff. Why were you nervous coming here?
CASSIE: Cuz this is sex with a stranger in a roomfull of people that I hadn’t known previous to. I not at any time did anything at this level previous to.

40 something: When u come here and discharge, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll do it for the rest of your life. But u think u might receive into it?
CASSIE: It’s more amazing than I reckoned, so it’s definitely a possibility. I like the whole experience.

40 something: Porn sex compared to regular sex…is it different?
CASSIE: It’s pleasure. I liked it more than I contemplated to like it. The poses are interesting. I’ve learned a lot in the last Twenty four hours.

40something: What poses did you do that you’d at no time done?
CASSIE: Not quite all of ’em! Even the missionary here isn’t regular missionary. It is different. They position you so the digi camera can acquire your entire body and all the act.

40something: Are you flexible?
CASSIE: More than I thought I was. And then this morning when I was shooting the stills with JMac, I guess we were doing some standing doggie thing, and this fellow had my leg on his shoulder. I didn’t even know I could bend that way! I’ll probably be sore the next day, but it was really good.

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