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Sarah Jane says she hits the love button at least three times a week “when no one is home.” She shags rock hard dick five times a week, on standard. Her prefered fantasy places to bonk would be, “at the beach, in the sea or in the woods” if a fuck friend would arrange it.

Sarah Jane’s most-favorite position?

“All of them,” says Sarah Jane. “I adore outdoor sex and dogging.” Dogging is a British sex practice. Couples will shag in a car park so loiterers can look at them and wank.

Sarah Jane’s large dream is, “being bound up and used as a marital-device for three lascivious men.” That is beautiful elementary for her to make happen. This babe has no shortage of batty volunteers ready to fuck her and ball cream her face and big fullsome funbags.

“A lot of cum on my face makes me very pleasured. I have ball cream dreams. I like a skirt chaser who has plenty of spunk in his testicles to give me. A buck should eat my vagina to acquire me soaked 1st. I love giving males blow jobs. I could do it all day.”

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