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Ciara Ryder: Easy BBC Ryder

Ciara Ryder: Easy BBC Ryder

Ciara Ryder: Easy BBC Ryder

When the husband’s not home, the wifey will roam.

Ciara Ryder is a busty wife and parent. When her hubby phones to tell her he’s sending an employee to the house with some documents, she didn’t expect Isiah, someone she once knew. Now he’s all grown-up and a hung stud. Ciara eyes him like a side of beef and wants every inch of that beef in her pretty mouth and mommy pussy. When the husband’s away, the wife will play.

“I sent my pictures and a little info about myself and I was called for an interview,” Ciara explained about how she made her way to The SCORE Group. She’s worked as a makeup artist and an assistant for business executives.

So why get into sex on-camera?

“People think highly of me and know I am a nice, loving, decent, respectful lady, but for some reason, they think that porn is only for bad people. Sex is a natural thing that most adults do. I won’t be this young forever so I might as well do this while I can.”

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