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Claudia’s first time…and she does anal!

Claudia’s 1st time…and she does anal!

Claudia's 1st time...and she does anal!

Yes, Claudia Fox, the lady you are seeing here, is Fifty years old. Since we can’t display u her driver’s license, you are just gonna have to take our word for it. She looks no more than 40, but she is Fifty. The lad this babe shags in this scene, her 1st on-camera screw, could not make no doubt of it, either. But it’s true.

She likewise takes a greater than typical porn strapon up her gazoo in this scene. You don’t must take our word for that. U can watch it in the photos and, next, in the movie scene. Claudia gets an anal goo pie, likewise.

Claudia is married and has 2 kids. That babe was born in Mexico Town and lives in Southern California. She is merely five-feet tall and weighs about 95 pounds.

“Swinging led to this,” Claudia said. “Plus, I adore watching porn and playing with myself. I do it at least once a day. I’ve even done it publicly where there was a chance I could receive caught.”

We asked Claudia if the people that babe knows would be surprised to see her here, and this babe told, “Yes and no. I suppose majority people would end up being not also surprised other than that I indeed did it.”

Meaning, they’d expect this from her…they just wouldn’t have thought she’d really go throughout with it. Which that babe did, and this babe loved it.

Claudia enjoys watching baseball and ice hockey. The St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues are her teams. This babe is into Zumba. And, this babe told, “I like to be looked at wherever I go. I wear taut jeans or short skirts. I like to unveil off my bazookas, too.”

They’re good. Very admirable. Just adore the rest of her.

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