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Codi Vore: The Exclusive SCORELAND Interview

Codi Vore: The Exclusive SCORELAND Interview

Codi Vore: The Neverseen SCORELAND Interview

“I love to use sex as a way to explore my body, my mind, how I work, and it helps me relieve tons of stress coz I think when you’re indeed engaged in having sex with a person, it’s truly effortless to let all the worries go,” Codi Vore said in this neverseen interview, part of her SCORELAND peculiar.

“I think that a lot of people tend to think that I’ve a very girl-next-door feel to me and I am small and blond and I have plump cheeks with dimples. I acquire tons of people who think I am very innocent or these kinds of things. One of the things I like about sex is the physicality of it. It is love when you wanna fight. Have you ever just wanted to fight someone ‘coz u wanted to feel what it is adore? Sex is an magnificant opportunity to play. I mean indeed play with another adult in a way that’s vulnerable but likewise joy.

“What should u await to see from me? U should wait to watch me yell a lot and I can definitely acquire aggressive or resigned, oftentimes a little of the one and the other. I’m very aggressive-submissive, and I just adore to lose myself in the moment, so that’s what I’m amorous for.”

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