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Cum The Angel

Angel Gee likes to cum by hand, by toy, by tongue, by 10-Pounder. And sometimes a mix of ’em all. “I adore to be licked and sticked at the same time,” Beauty told. “That’s hotter than hell! We can use a toy and then take up with the tongue me after. Or just shag me and then take up with the tongue me, or smth adore that. That is the majority wonderful. I’m a toy fanatic. I have many different marital-aids at home, and they’re all baby pink.” U know by now that Gal doesn’t adore to wear plenty of clothes and that is why we love her. Well, one of the reasons. “I love to be in nature’s garb. If I am just walking around the abode, if I am not in nature’s garb, I’m wearing something skimpy, like little wazoo shorts and a little, constricted top. I adore heels! I guess I was born in ’em. I’m a very carnal person. When I met the other angels at SCORE, I felt right at home ‘coz I was used to the sexual energy in the air at the disrobe clubs I have danced in.”

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