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On a heat meter of 1-to-10, Daylene Rio is a 12. She can make all of your bawdy dreams come true and the substantiation is at SCORELAND. Since Daylene 1st started her career at SCORE in 2007, she has been igniting man-missiles on a grand scale. Some said they did not think this babe could acquire any hotter physically and sexually but her most recent videos raised the bar higher one more time.

In this photo set, you can watch the changes in Daylene’s bra buddies and booty. Her milk sacks are greater than ever and her arse is more booty-full too. Seven pounds worth, according to Daylene. The changes are even more dramatic if u observe her early sets and compare them with those pictures. Talk about anatomical ass-tonishment! Holy copulate!

A longtime SCORE browser and SCORELAND member visited the TSG building when he was in Miami. Daylene had just finished up a Blog video with Dave as we were giving our guest the guided voyage. We showed him the studio where that stud met Daylene. It was great timing because that babe had some free time before a pictorial. We took some snaps of Daylene with him and this indeed topped off his journey. That babe wore the same constricted costume this babe wore in her Blog clip. It’s impossible to understand why the Los Angeles paparazzi search emaciated, ironing-board shaped actresses when Daylene is on the loose there likewise.

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