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Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop Part 2

Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Ready To Pop Part TWO

Erin Star & Sophie Rose: Willing To Pop Part 2

Erin Star and Sophie Rose explore their very preggo bodies, play with maternity bras, strip every other, rub their bigger than typical bellies and areolae, apply lotion on their bigger in size than average mounds, baby bumps and bigger than average butts and enjoy mutual carnal massages. Erin and Sophie receive on their backs side-by-side facing the camera of able adult model and photographer Roxanne Miller and rub their bellies and love tunnels.

As this scene was being posted to XL Beauties, Erin announced that she was going into labor earlier than anticipated. A scarcely any hours after Erin’s announcement, this babe gave birth to a gal. Congratulations.

Sophie Rose was a web digital camera gal for a short time. She’s allies with fella Romanians Erin and Mia Sweetheart. Now that babe is settling into her recent role as a sexy mum (as the British call hawt moms). “When I dated back in the day, I used to wear clothes that drew attention to my large mellons. Now I choose rather comfy hot outfit.”

Happy new mommy-hood to Erin and Sophie.

We spoke to Roxanne about her day with the beauties.

XLGirls: Had Erin and Sophie modeled together in advance of? They seemed very comfortable, not coy.

Roxanne: They worked jointly in the same place. But I guess it was more of Sophie being open minded, Erin already being a model and the two sharing a common experience: gestation.

XLGirls: Why do you think preggo adult models fascinate some studs?

Roxanne: A preggy female is a headmistress! She is the carrier of a miracle: life! A Mother is, in majority cultures, a saint. And for some, becoming a Mamma is to become a female, not a hotty anymore. For some, it is so sexy coz they have a fetish with banging a preggy dominatrix. If I am to think of myself, when I was preggo, I felt super-sexy up until the final days when I could not await to watch my baby and too I was barely expert to walk and cope with the heat of middle August.

XLGirls: You’ve modeled preggo. Did it feel more raunchy or hawt than when not preggo?

Roxanne: It felt special. In some people’s minds, the preggy woman is not to be touched or screwed, and I come and say, “Au contraire, boyfrend!” The preggo lady is hornier than ever! The darker and harder areolas are actually more sensitive. I’ve flat nipples, but during gestation I truly had areolas! So all in all, for me it was an mind boggling experience!

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