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Fantasy Doll Anastasia

Fantasy Doll Anastasia

Fantasy Doll Anastasia

Come on! Could Anastasia Doll look any sexier?

“Buying clothes that fit me properly is a challenge,” Anastasia said. “I have big boobs and a big ass, a slim waist and slim legs. So I bring my clothes to a dressmaker to be fitted.”

Anastasia is very proud of her body. ” I love to wear thong bikinis at resorts I go to. I only buy bras off the rack because I do not need to push up my breasts. My boobs do not fall and they are very big. When I go out, I wear small, tight tops. I wear bras every day except when I wear a sleeveless garment.”

Anastasia’s first Tits & Tugs was an event that many had eagerly waited for. Tit-fucking is something she enjoys.

“I love to be fucked between my breasts, and to see a man explode is exciting.”

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