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Faye Day! Faye Day!

Faye Day! Faye Day!

Faye Day! Faye Day!

Alexsis Faye doesn’t dance on tabletops. She has smth else in mind for this scene.

SCORELAND: Alexsis, thank’s for taking the time to speak to us. If we were to see u shopping at the mall, what would u be wearing?

Alexsis: Sexy garments that can be easily taken off! Dresses with cleavage and maybe a top with a jean skirt.

SCORELAND: You said u like to go lap dancing with girlfriends?

Alexsis: I just got back from a music festival in Romania and had four days of nonstop stripping, so yep! I love exotic dancing around. My beloved DJ now is Tiesto. My favorite style of music is EDM –electronic dance music.

SCORELAND: That’s a lot of jumping up and down. Do u like to sing also?

Alexsis: After a diminutive in number glasses of wine, who doesn’t adore to sing?

SCORELAND: Do you sing at karaoke disrobe clubs?

Alexsis: I stay away from them. I don’t wanna lose all my allies.

SCORELAND: Do u have any girlfriends with bigger than run of the mill meatballs love yours?

Alexsis: All my friends have diminutive pointer sisters.

SCORELAND: That’s likewise bad…for us.

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