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Happy Ending Hand Party

Happy Ending Hand Party

Happy Ending Hand Party

Kiko Lee is a soft-spoken, exotic blend of Asian (Okinawa) and Latin. Kiko was asked to wear one of her hottest outfits for this SCORE Video and she didn’t fail us. Underneath her sexy jumper, she’s decked out her rack in a metallic gold bikini. She and SCORE-Cock go to her place for a little hand party relief.

Kiko is very anxious to get her dainty hands on a man-shaft and make it grow. There is no better way to spend her time. She gets on her knees to help in the unzipping process, sticks the meat between her boob-buns and jacks it. Kiko has very good jerking technique, holding the base with one hand while she strokes with the other hand. Kiko has exceptionally large areolae, as big as pancakes. They are mesmerizing.

“When a guy meets me and spends any time with me, he almost always stares at my chest,” says Kiko. “The edges of my areolae overflow the tops of my bras.” That’s true. If you look at the beginning of this video, the tawny edges of Kiko’s areolae are exposed over her bikini top. Guys like me to massage their body with my boobs. I like it too.”

Kiko applies finger massaging pressure to SCORE-Cock’s balls, squeezing them so the goo will launch like a Russian satellite rocket. “You came all over those titties,” says Kiko. “Titties all milky. Like seeing these titties all milky?” she asks as she rubs the large volume of semen-splat into her jugs. She holds them up to show that they are dripping with man-fat. That Kiko Lee…a very impressive Happy Ending Girl.

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