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High-rise Heat

High-rise Heat

High-rise Heat

From his high-rise, JR called for a visit from a little hottie with big tits and a big appetite for fucking and he got the best. Rachel Love tosses away the cigarette to smoke a big salami instead. It’s much better for her lungs. (She didn’t smoke in the video.)

Somehow the taste of pussy came up in a sit-down with Rachel.

“Not all pussies are the same,” Rachel said. “It depends on whether a girl takes care of herself. But after the cock has been in my pussy for a while, I love to taste my pussy off his cock, then put that cock back inside.”

Rachel talked about guys…and not just about their dick sizes. Guys are not just pieces of meat to her.

“When I first meet a man I pay attention to his eyes and personality first. As far as looks, it doesn’t really matter much at all. Short, tall, old, young, skinny, a little overweight…it doesn’t matter. It’s about being able to see something there, that animal magnetism you hear about. I love that, and when you see it in someone’s eyes, you know it. At least I do. A little bit outgoing, confident but not conceited or cocky. I like men who are genuine and don’t try to act like something they’re not. I like a man to be upbeat and happy, too.”

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