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In Bed With Sigal Acon

In Couch With Sigal Acon

In Couch With Sigal Acon

Why did Sigal Acon elect to become a nude glamour model?

“I did webcamming during the time that I was in school cuz I had to pay tuition,” Sigal said us. “I did not know everything about it when I came to St. Petersburg. I didn’t know that it even existed.

“I met a man and said, ‘Let’s have a coffee,’ and this dude said me that this man was the boss of a studio. I was adore, ‘What kind of studio?’ And he said me that girls entertain in front of the digital camera. They have to speak English. They must communicate with the people, and I said, ‘That’s interesting. I have to try it.’

“When I started to try it, I was an ugly duckling. Don’t get me not right. I was not like I’m right now. That experience gave me confidence. I became more fetching, more assured. It was new for me. I was completely adore a blind kitten. Solely later, I discovered out how to do it. But I liked it right away.

“Most people when they hear, ‘Oh, she is a cam model. Big deal.’ But it is rock hard work. You have to always share your fine energy with people, and they can feel it, coz you cant be in a bad mood. People wanna see that you are happy.”

Now Sigal has sufficient confidence for six gals and it unveils in her movie scenes and pix.

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