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Jade Nile

Jade Nile Jade Nile
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Jade Nile is an area manager for an independent clothing store chain. The company is growing rapidly, which means Ms. Nile is a busy lady. Since this babe is the boss, this babe often drops by stores unannounced, and today’s one of those days. This store has 3 workers, and during the time that two of them are doing great, one of the fellows isn’t. After a brief store inspection, Ms. Nile begins a meeting. A very interesting sales collision, as Ms. Nile’s sales techniques are a bit…shall we say…unconventional. "Men are driven by sex", Ms. Nile begins, "which means I’m about to motivate u." The salesmen can not believe what they’re witnessing: the area manager lazily taking off her hot clothing?! It merely acquires better: Rob and Ricky, the 2 lead salesmen, are asked to help remove her raiment as "Little" Robby is asked to remain seated. Which is when the cuckold session starts! The top salesmen must a gang bang Jade during the time that our lackey sits and jacks. But it’s not all bad for Little Robby: after Rob and Ricky shoot colossal wads covering Jade’s entire body, Robby’s allowed to unload as well. And maybe…just maybe…this will make him work harder next month so he can win the grand prize too!!
Jade Nile Jade Nile

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