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Jessica Roberts – Campus Cop

Campus Cop

Campus Cop

Meet Jessica Roberts, Recent Discovery. That is Officer Jessica Roberts to u. This very arresting brunette hair originally from Chicago will bust you up! Jessica will club u senseless with her 43-inches of pleasure right here in her security office! 43 inches is certainly armed and dangerous in our playbook.

What kind of particular talents does Jessica have? We see many already. “I can take up with the tongue my own areolas,” Jessica says. That alone means a lot at SCORELAND.

Is she a nice cop or a bad cop? Is this babe confident or passive? “I can be both. It depends on the man I am with and his personality.” Either way, u can count on a wonderful frisking.

When she’s not making suspects squeal and entreat for mercy, Jessica can’t live without watching comedies, working out, and arts and crafts. She likes posing for pics anytime, anyplace. Please note her lipstick kiss tattoo on her right wazoo cheek. Prepare to watch Jessica’s hardcore scene coming pretty soon!

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