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Jessy Bunny: Caught In The Act

Jessy Bunny: Caught In The Act

Jessy Bunny: Caught In The Act

German bra-busting, bimbofied, sexbomb Jessica “Jessy Bunny” Bunnington planned on having a quiet but satisfying afternoon masturbating in her bedroom. When her friend Max dropped by her apartment to see what Jessy was doing, he walked in on her just as she began vibrating.

Jessy enjoys masturbating but she also knows that guys have a lot more to offer so she welcomes Max into her bed. Max goes quietly berserk when he sees Jessy, eyes closed and playing with her big boobs and wet pussy. He takes charge and gives Jessy the tongue and hard cock she was fantasizing about when she was masturbating.

“I like women and men,” Jessy said. “I like to touch women with big boobies like I have. With men, it’s important that they have a big dick. A big, thick dick. I also like older men with more experience at everything. I like to have sex many times a week. Sometimes many times a day if the guy can keep up with me! I’m always horny, although if a guy just wants to fuck my tits, I’m happy with that, too.”

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