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Joanna Cutie

 Joanna Angel  Joanna Angel
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Joanna and her partner Ryan have a great relationship. In fact, its so worthwhile and so secure that sometimes her loving spouse gets complacent. It starts off petite love Ryan not putting away the dishes and ends with him spending way to much time at work and not enough time worshiping his female-dominant wife. Theyve identified that the secret ingredient to a lasting marriage is this: occasional jealousy and a miniature sense of threat for Ryan and orgasms given freely to Joanna by other sexier, well-hung men. Joanna detected that Ryan is much happier when this chap knows this dude has to earn his wifes adore and attention. Love back when they were dating. What more fine way to rekindle the spark than to check out his wife acquire railed in his favorite aperture? A hole that merely a boyfriend should have access to? Its a valuable reminder of how insignificant he can be if hes not on his game and what this babe can receive in this world if she decided to trade him in for somebody good of her hotness. Joanna comes over and over one more time from a much-needed and much-deserved anal pounding by Jax during the time that her spouse wears the band of shame around his thumbdrive of a knob watching sadly from his kennel. Er, bedroom. View the loving size comparison, glass anal toys and how Ryan becomes the table Joanna has been asking about for months…
 Joanna Angel  Joanna Angel

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